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1. Collins, Denis:   Historical Precedents for Bach's Evolutio Canon BWV 1087/10. Bach 24/1 (Spring-Summer 1993), 5-14
2. Collins, Denis:   Canon and Music Pedagogy 1500-1800. TheoriaTexas 8 (1994), 53-72
3. Collins, Denis:   Musical Terminology in the Canonic Works of Bach: An Historical Context. Bach 26/1-2 (1995), 91-101
4. Collins, Denis:   Spiegel-Kontrapunkt in Theorie und Praxis: Vorläufer für Contrapunctus 12 und 13 aus Bachs Kunst der Fuge. BachJb 82 (1996), 77-92
5. Collins, Denis; Schloss, Andrew:   Cognitive-perceptual effects in music: Shepard tones and the Canon per tonos from J. S. Bach's Musical Offering. [p]IMS_London (Aug 1997)
6. Collins, Denis:   Bach and Approaches to Canonic Composition in Early Eighteenth-Century Theoretical and Chamber Music Sources. Bach 30/2 (1999), 27-48
7. Collins, Denis; Schloss, Andrew (arr.):   Cognitive-perceptual effects in music: Shepard tones and the Canon per tonos from J. S. Bach's Musical Offering. [cr]IMS1997 (2000), 619
8. Collins, Denis; Schloss, Andrew:   An Unusual Effect in the Canon per Tonos from J.S. Bach's Musical Offering. MPerception 19/2 (Dec 2001), 141-153
9. Collins, Denis:   Bach's Occasional Canon BWV 1073 and 'Stacked' Canonic Procedure in the Eighteenth Century. Bach 33/2 (2002), 15-34
10. Collins, Denis:   Compositional Strategies for Invertible and Stacked Canons from Zarlino to Bach. [p]MSA_Newcastle (Oct 2002)
11. Collins, Denis:   From Bull to Bach: In Search of Precedents for the 'Complete' Version of the Canon by Augmentation and Contrary Motion in J. S. Bach's Musical Offering. Bach 38/2 (2007), 39-63
12. Collins, Denis:   'So you want to write a canon?' An historically-informed new approach for the modern theory class. ColMSymposium 48 (2008), 108-123
13. Collins, Denis:   Taneyev's Theories of Movable Counterpoint and the Music of J. S. Bach. Bach 46/2 (2015), 22-45
14. Collins, Denis; Murphy, Kerry; Owens, Samantha:   First performances of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion and Mass in B minor in Australian states and territories. AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), 218-221
15. Collins, Denis; Murphy, Kerry; Owens, Samantha (eds.):   J.S. Bach in Australia: Studies in Reception and Performance. AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), xiii, 266p

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