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Series : AustralianMResearch
Volume : 17
Year : 2018
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1. Stockigt, Janice B. :   'Nobody rose or joined in these hymns': Premiere Australian performances of J.S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion (1875-76). AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), 11-28
2. Frampton, Andrew :   A tale of two Passions: The 1897 Melbourne cathedral performance of J.S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion. AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), 29-50
3. Maddox, Alan:   'The finest and grandest work ever created by human genius': The first performance of J.S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion in colonial Sydney. AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), 51-70
4. Szuster, Julja:   The performance history of J.S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion in South Australia. AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), 71-86
5. Tregear, Peter:   The key to timelessness: Some reflections on the Australian reception of the B minor Mass. AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), 89-100
6. Owens, Samantha:   'A gothic cathedral in music': The performance and reception of Bach's Mass in B minor in 1920s Australia. AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), 101-116
7. Ebacioni, Niki:   'A light shining in the darkness': Leonard Fullard's Melbourne Bach Festival. AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), 117-136
8. Campbell, Peter:   Historically informed Bach performance in Canberra: Problems and progress. AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), 137-154
9. Burk, Ian:   Bach in Tasmania: Overcoming the problems of a small population and a lack of musical resources. AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), 155-170
10. Lieschke, Graham:   Bach cantata reception in Melbourne: Setting the scene for the Cantata Program of St Johns Southgate Lutheran Church. AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), 171-198
11. Kretzenbacher, Heinz L.:   Approaches to Bach in Australian literature. AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), 201-217
12. Collins, Denis; Murphy, Kerry; Owens, Samantha:   First performances of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion and Mass in B minor in Australian states and territories. AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), 218-221
13. Lieschke, Graham:   Bach cantata presentations with orchestral accompaniments led by Leonard Fullard 1948–56, with contemporary comments AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), 222-227
14. Lieschke, Graham:   Bach cantata presentations with organ accompaniment only led by Leonard Fullard, 1948–56. AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), 228
15. Lieschke, Graham:   Repertoire performed in the St Johns Southgate Bach Cantata Program, 1997–2017. AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), 229
16. Lieschke, Graham:   Bach cantata 'series' in Melbourne and elsewhere in Australia. AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), 231-234
17. Collins, Denis; Murphy, Kerry; Owens, Samantha (eds.):   J.S. Bach in Australia: Studies in Reception and Performance. AustralianMResearch 17 (2018), xiii, 266p

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