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Year : 1999
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1. Kellner, Herbert Anton:   A Mathematical Approach Reconstructing J. S. Bach's Keyboard Temperament. Bach 30/1 (Spring-Summer 1999), 1-9
2. Kellner, Herbert Anton:   Considering the Tempering Tonality B-Major in Well-Tempered Clavier II. Bach 30/1 (Spring-Summer 1999), 10-25
3. Leahy, Anne:   The Opening Chorus of Cantata BWV 78, Jesu, der du meine Seele; Another Example of Bach's Interest in Matters Soteriological. Bach 30/1 (Spring-Summer 1999), 26-41
4. Payne, Ian:   Telemann's Musical Style c.1709-c.1730 and J. S. Bach: The Evidence of Borrowing. Bach 30/1 (Spring-Summer 1999), 42-64
5. Markevitch, Dimitry:   Bach's Cello Suites Revisited: The Manuscripts of the Bach Cello Suites, an Inextricable Labyrinth for Cellists? [A Reader's Response] Bach 30/1 (Spring-Summer 1999), 66-69
6. Rifkin, Joshua:   The Emperor's Headgear: A Brief Response to Don Smithers. Bach 30/1 (Spring-Summer 1999), 70-73
7. Baumgartner, Nicholas:   Currents in Bach Interpretation in Contemporary Germany. Bach 30/2 (1999), 1-26
8. Collins, Denis:   Bach and Approaches to Canonic Composition in Early Eighteenth-Century Theoretical and Chamber Music Sources. Bach 30/2 (1999), 27-48
9. Tomita, Yo:   Bach and His Early Drafts: Some Observations on Little Known Early Versions of Well-Tempered Clavier II and the Goldberg Variations from the Manfred Gorke Collection. Bach 30/2 (1999), 49-72

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