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Year : 1995
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1. Emans, Reinmar:   Stylistic Analysis and Text Philology in the Service of 'Inner Chronology' involving Stylistic Analysis of Selected Arias by Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach 26/1-2 (1995), 1-14
2. Emans, Reinmar:   Stilkritik und Textphilologie im Dienste der 'inneren Chronologie'. Stilkritische Untersuchungen zu ausgewählten Arien Johann Sebastian Bachs. Bach 26/1-2 (1995), 15-27
3. Smithers, Don L.:   The Original Circumstances in the Performance of Bach's Leipzig Church Cantatas, 'Wegen seiner Sonn- und Festtägigen Amts-Verrichtungen'. Bach 26/1-2 (1995), 28-47
4. Schenkman, Walter:   Bach and the Beer Fiddlers. Bach 26/1-2 (1995), 48-56
5. Harmon, Thomas:   The Mühlhausen Organ Revisited. Precious Clues to Bach's Preference in Organ Design and Registration. Bach 26/1-2 (1995), 57-69
6. Noehren, Robert:   Notes on Bach and the Organ of his Time. Bach 26/1-2 (1995), 70-83
7. Brown, Emily Freeman:   Zarathustra. Reflection of the Baroque Overture. Bach 26/1-2 (1995), 84-90
8. Collins, Denis:   Musical Terminology in the Canonic Works of Bach: An Historical Context. Bach 26/1-2 (1995), 91-101

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