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1. Morota, Daisuke:   Dresden no Furuto Sosha to J. S. Bach: 1724-Nen no Kantata ni okeru Furuto Kiyo no Haikei o megutte. diss. (2007)
2. Nic Athlaoich, Róisín:   Bach’s solo cello suite no. 1: The performance and interpretive value of Schenkerian analysis. diss. (2007)
3. Chiang, Shih-yi:   Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 in B-flat major by Johann Sebastian Bach: A new arrangement transcribed for two pianos. diss. (2007), 139p
4. Mahlberg, Daniel Sakari:   The Baroque continuum: The influence of the 'Praeludien' from Bach's 'Well-Tempered Clavier' on Chopin's Preludes, Op. 28. diss. (2007), 144p
5. Burdick, Adam David:   The Influence of French Baroque Dance on the Cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (2007), 159p
6. Fleury, W. Leigh:   Motivic structure in the chorale-based organ works of Sir Charles Hubert Parry: An analytical survey. diss. (2007), 180p
7. Metzler, Patrizia:   Aria forms and chorus textures in Bach's early cantatas: The influences of Neumeister, Telemann, and Rosenmueller. diss. (2007), 194p
8. Milne, Jennifer Denise:   The rhythm of form: Compositional processes in the music of Sofia Gubaidulina. diss. (2007), 195p
9. Kattnig, Hildegard:   Untersuchungen zur musikalischen Sprache J.S. Bachs Motetten, dargestellt an ausgewählten Beispielen. diss. (2007), 300p
10. Zahvatkin, Andrej Nikolaevic:   Klavirnaâ skola K.F.È. Baha v istoriceskoj perspektive. diss. (2007), 307p
11. Choi, Jeeyoon:   A comprehensive study of Sigfrid Karg-Elert's use of Lutheran chorale and Gregorian chant in his organ music. diss. (2007), 315p
12. Komm, Thomas Alexander:   Die Klaviersonaten von Georg Anton Benda: Geschichtlicher Stellenwert und formale Strukturen. diss. (2007), 320p
13. Rhyne, David Ernest:   A conductor's guide to the E-flat 'Magnificat' of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (2007), 326p
14. Franck, Peter Jocelyn:   The role of invertible counterpoint within Schenkerian theory. diss. (2007), 333p
15. Lindsberger, Herbert:   Flüchtigkeit oder beabsichtigte Variation. Die Sechs Suiten für Violoncello solo von Johann Sebastian Bach (BWV 1007-1012) in der Abschrift Anna Magdalena Bachs und deren Übertragung für Viola. diss. (2007), 344p
16. Flint de Médicis, Catrina:   The Schola Cantorum, early music and French political culture, from 1894 to 1914. diss. (2007), 365p
17. Jarvis, Martin W. B.:   Did Johann Sebastian Bach Write the Six Cello Suites? diss. (2007), 430p
18. Nero, Jonathan Leonard:   The a cappella motets for mixed voices by Johannes Brahms: An analytical overview with focus on Brahms' use of compositional techniques from early music. diss. (2007), 46p
19. Todd, Richard:   The sarabandes from J.S. Bach's six suites for solo cello: An analysis and interpretive guide for the modern guitarist. diss. (2007), 67p
20. Hampson, Christopher Martin:   Pausing for Reflection: Re-evaluating Bach's Use of the Fermata. diss. (2007), 87p
21. Boyd, Megan:   The St Matthew Passion: A discussion of the textual structure of the work in 1727, Bach's 1736 revision and its 1829 and 1841 revivals by Mendelssohn. diss. (2007), ii, 147p
22. Spierings, Benedikt:   Bachs derde partita voor vioolsolo in historisch, analytisch en interpretatief perspectief: Een werkbeschrijving. diss. (2007), v, 95p
23. Borthwick, Mary Christine:   'In the Swim’: The life and musical achievements of William Gillies Whittaker 1876-1944. diss. (2007), x, 527p
24. Black, David Ian:   Mozart and the Practice of Sacred Music, 1781-91. diss. (2007), xi, 455p
25. Cruz, Jennifer:   The aesthetic relevance of the Golden Section in The well-tempered clavier by J.S. Bach: The relationship between form, temporal flow, and proportional balance. diss. (2007), xi, 63p
26. Adams, David William:   'Modern' Organ Style in Karl Straube's Reger Editions. diss. (2007), xiv, 222p

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