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1. Peters, Manfred:   Die Dispositio der römischen Oratorie als Beitrag zum Formverständnis ausgewählter Instrumentalfugen von Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (2004)
2. Bamberg, Joachim:   Die Botschaft der Kantate: eine musiko-theologische Analyse der Kantaten Johann Sebastian Bachs zum 6. Sonntag nach Trinitatis. diss. (2004)
3. Pranata, Julianto:   New transcriptions for viola: Works by J. S. Bach, Frank Bridge, Clara Schumann, and Rebecca Clarke. diss. (2004), 105p
4. Roberts, Scott:   Toward a methodology for the analysis of fugue: An examination of selected Bach organ works. diss. (2004), 124p
5. Kruse, Hermann:   Die Chorwerke von Moritz Hauptmann (1792–1868). diss. (2004), 135p
6. Bunn, J. Gregg:   A performer's study of three preludes and fugues for organ representing eighteenth-century Germany, nineteenth-century Germany, and twentieth-century France: Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Liszt, and Maurice Durufle. diss. (2004), 151p
7. Rautio, Riitta Aulikki:   Fortspinnungstypus revisited: Schemata and prototypical features in J. S. Bach's minor-key cantata aria introductions. diss. (2004), 238p
8. Holtan, Eric Howard:   The role of the chorale in the oratorios and symphonies of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. diss. (2004), 254p
9. Bennett, Evan:   The treasons of image: Bach, irony, and Shostakovich's preludes and fugues, op. 87. diss. (2004), 256p
10. Kamatani, Pamela M.:   Science, metaphysics, and the late works of J. S. Bach. diss. (2004), 305p
11. Aspaas, Christopher Paul:   A history of the Oregon Bach Festival. diss. (2004), 318p
12. Dürre, Ronald:   Louis Spohr und die 'Kasseler Schule'. Das pädagogische Wirken des Komponisten, Geigenvirtuosen und Dirigenten in der ersten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts. diss. (2004), 417p
13. Ahn, So-Yi:   Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: The first 'Romantic' composer for the organ. diss. (2004), 51p
14. Allen-Russell, Ann van:   Wind Orchestration in the Music of Johann Christian Bach, 1762-1782: Studies in Structure, Texture and Form. diss. (2004), 608p
15. Dommange, Thomas:   Les paradoxes métaphysiques de la Passion selon Saint Matthieu de J.-S. Bach. diss. (2004), 623p
16. O'Leary, Alec:   J. S. Bach: English suite no. 4, BWV 809 for two guitars. diss. (2004), 67p
17. Lim, Jungmook:   A performance guide to J. S. Bach's Suite No. 5 for violoncello solo: The interpretation of the ornaments, rhythm, bowing and phrasing, and polyphonic texture. diss. (2004), 77p
18. Ruhl, Nicole:   Events im Spektrum kulturpolitischer Zielsetzungen. Künstlerische, gesellschaftliche und ökonomische Dimensionen von Kulturevents untersucht am Beispiel des Leipziger Bachfests. diss. (2004), 96p
19. Kranenburg, Peter van:   De fuga in f (BWV 534) van Johann Sebastian Bach? - Verkenning van een kwantitatieve methode voor het modelleren van muzikale stijl. diss. (2004), 97p
20. Lockey, Nicholas:   The Instrumental Variations Sets of Antonio Vivaldi: Old Forms in New Genres. diss. (2004), ix, 155p
21. Bae, Jin Young:   Karg-Elert's 'Passacaglia and Fugue on B-A-C-H': A study of harmonic and stylistic analysis. diss. (2004), v, 101p
22. Santos, Carmelo de los:   Performance-Practice Issues of the Chaconne from Partita II, BWV 1004, by Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (2004), vii, 150p
23. Linnartz, Elizabeth Byrum:   The Soul and Jesus Dialogue Cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (2004), xi, 238p
24. Matsumoto, Kanae:   Performance practice issues in piano transcriptions of J. S. Bach's unaccompanied violin Chaconne by Brahms and Busoni. diss. (2004), xi, 80p
25. Dykstra, Ruth Elaine:   Possible Orchestral Tendencies in Registering Johann Sebastian Bach's Organ Music: An Historical Perspective. diss. (2004), xii, 167p
26. Bordignon, Paolo Michele:   Johann Sebastian Bach's Halt im Gedächtnis Jesum Christ BWV 67: A Study of the Sources and Their Implications. diss. (2004), xii, 174p
27. Cron, Matthew:   The obbligato organ cantatas of J. S. Bach in the context of 18th-century practice. diss. (2004), xix, 830p
28. Golomb, Uri:   Expression and Meaning in Bach Performance and Reception: An Examination of the B minor Mass on Record. diss. (2004), xv, 432p
29. Lee, Joong-Oh:   A comparison of selected editions of Johann Sebastian Bach's Unaccompanied cello suite number six in D major BWV 1012 transcribed for the viola: a doctoral essay. diss. (2004), xvi, 132p

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