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1. Tatlow, Ruth Mary:   LUSUS POETICUS VEL MUSICUS. Johann Sebastian Bach. The Baroque Paragram and Frederich Smend's theory of a musical Number Alphabet. diss. (1987)
2. Kaiser, Rainer:   Tintenanalytische Untersuchungen an Bachschen Originalhandschriften mit Hilfe reflexionsspektroskopischer Methoden. diss. (1987)
3. Ito, Eiko:   J. S. Bach 'Mubanso Cello Kumikyoku' ni kansuru Kenkyu: Enso, Gakufu nado no Rekishiteki Jokyo ni tsuite. diss. (1987)
4. Levy, Mark H.:   The Well-Tampered Clavier: Authenticity and performing style in editions of Bach's Wohltemperiertes Clavier. diss. (1987)
5. Corsini, Antonella:   Componenti bachiane nell'opera di Robert Schumann. diss. (1987)
6. Slabber, Louise:   The influence of French keyboard and Italian instrumental music of the seventeenth and early-eighteenth centuries in the organ works of J. S. Bach. diss. (1987), 106p
7. Grossman, Robert:   The lute suite in G minor BWV 995 by Johann Sebastian Bach: A comparison of the autograph manuscript and the lute intabulation in Leipzig, Sammlung Becker, MS.III.11.3. diss. (1987), 131p
8. Ellefson, Randi von:   A stylistic comparison of two cantata settings based on the chorale 'Nun komm, der heiden Heiland' by G. P. Telemann and J. S. Bach. diss. (1987), 140p
9. Krylova, Larisa:   O nekotoryh priemah vyrazenija avtorskoj pozicii v muzykal'nom proizvedenii. diss. (1987), 17p
10. Grine, James Laurence:   The flute and obbligato keyboard sonatas by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: A study for performance. diss. (1987), 234p
11. Alikova, Zoja:   Osobennosti fug v sonatah I.-S. Baha: Vzaimodejstvie polifonièeskih i gomofonièeskih principov formoobrazovanija. diss. (1987), 23p Latin 2
12. Buchmann, Lutz:   Friedrich Wilhelm Rust (1739-1796): Untersuchungen zu seinem Liedschaffen und seinem Beitrag zur Überlieferung der Werke Johann Sebastian Bachs. diss. (1987), 256p
13. Friedrich, Felix:   Der Orgelbauer Heinrich Gottfried Trost: Personlichkeit, Schaffensanalyse und Aspekte eines Künstlerbildes. diss. (1987), 284p
14. Butt, John Anthony:   The Significance and Incidence of Articulation Marks in the Primary Sources of J. S. Bach. diss. (1987), 336, 79, 31p
15. Renwick, William J.:   Voice-leading patterns in the fugal expositions of J. S. Bach's 'Well-tempered Clavier'. diss. (1987), 355p
16. Seelig, Timothy G.:   Six odes by C. F. Gellert set by C. P. E. Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven: a comparative analysis, a lecture recital together with three recitals of selected works by Monteverdi, Caldara, Mozart, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Ives. diss. (1987), 65p
17. McMullen, Diane Marie:   The Geistreiches Gesangbuch of Johann Anastasius Freylinghausen (1690-1739): A German pietist hymnal. diss. (1987), 661p
18. Silber, Judith Karen [Ballan, Judith Silber]:   Mendelssohn and the Reformation Symphony: A Critical and Historical Study. diss. (1987), vii, 246p
19. Dehmel, Jörg:   Toccata und Präludien in der Orgelmusik von Merulo bis Bach. diss. (1987), viii, 194p
20. Johnston, Gregory Scott:   Protestant funeral music and rhetoric in seventeenth-century Germany: a musical-rhetorical examination of the printed sources. diss. (1987), x, 247p
21. Walker, Paul Mark:   Fugue in German Theory from Dressler to Mattheson. diss. (1987), x, 664p
22. Janson, Peter:   The eighteenth-century chorale prelude for organ and solo wind instrument: Its repertoire and historical background. diss. (1987), xi, 132p
23. Hill, Robert Stephen:   The Möller Manuscript and the Andreas Bach Book: Two Keyboard Anthologies from the Circle of the Young Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1987), xvii, 754 Bl

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