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1. Sweetkind, David:   Allegro and Adagio Rhythmic Style in the Instrumental Works of J. S. Bach. diss. (1968)
2. Heuschneider, Karin Hildegard:   Contributions to the development of the piano sonata: The piano sonata of the eighteenth century in Germany (W. F. Bach, C. P. E. Bach, G. Benda, C. S. Binder, C. G. Neefe). diss. (1968)
3. Munkachy, Louis:   Franz Paul Rigler as Theorist and Composer. diss. (1968), 1029p
4. Fujisawa, Noriko:   Johann Christian Bach: London ni okeru kare no Katsudo to Ongaku. diss. (1968), 105p
5. Kleiner, Nava:   The chorale prelude before J.S. Bach. diss. (1968), 109p
6. Howard, Jay Norwood:   Johann Crüger as a Music Theorist: A Translation and Critical Commentary of his Synopsis Musica of 1630. diss. (1968), 248p
7. Corra, Arthur B.:   A guide to the performance of Bach's B Minor Mass. diss. (1968), 256p
8. Krastin', V. M.:   Tradicii i novatorstvo v ispolnenii klavirnoj muzyki I. S. Bach. diss. (1968), 26p
9. Reed, Roy Alonzo:   Spenerian pietism and the cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1968), 270p
10. Wohlfarth, Hannsdieter:   Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach als Instrumentalkomponist. diss. (1968), 288p
11. Suchalla, Ernst:   Die Orchestersinfonien Carl Philipp Emanuel Bachs nebst einem thematischen Verzeichnis seiner Orchesterwerke. diss. (1968), 297p
12. Schramowski, Herbert:   Der Einfluß der instrumentalen Improvisation auf den künstlerischen Entwicklungsgang des Komponisten. diss. (1968), 355p
13. Marshall, Robert Lewis:   The Compositional Process of J. S. Bach. A study of the Autograph Scores of the Vocal Works. diss. (1968), 660p
14. Richards, Ruthann Louise:   A Study of Johann Sebastian Bach's Orgelbüchlein and Eighteen Leipzig Chorales: Their Histories, an Analysis of the Treatment of the Chorale Melodies, and a Comparison of the Sets. diss. (1968), 91p
15. Kobayashi, Midori:   Mozart to Taiiho: tokuni 1782 'Bach Taiken' o Chushin to shite. diss. (1968), 98p
16. Derr, Ellwood Shambaugh:   Cefalo e Procri (London, 1776): Dramatic Cantata for Three Voices and Orchestra by Johann Christian Bach; Critical Edition with Performance Suggestions and Commentary. diss. (1968), i, 162p
17. Minorgan, David Bruce:   A study of the fugal imitative forms from their beginnings until the middle Baroque with special emphasis on those of southern Germany and Austria. diss. (1968), x, 176p

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