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1. Stauffer, George B.:   Bach's 'Art of fugue': An Examination of the Sources. Introduction. [Seminar Report.] CurMcol 19 (1975), 47-50.
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4. Stauffer, George B.:   The Matter of Tempo in Bach's Two- and Three-Part Inventions: Chacun à son temps? [p]AMS_Allegheny (Apr 1980) A paper read at the Allegheny Chapter meeting of the AMS on 12 April 1980 at Columbia University.
5. Stauffer, George Boyer:   The Organ Preludes of Johann Sebastian Bach. [Zugl.: New York, Columbia Univ., Diss., 1978 u.d.T.: The free organ preludes of Johann Sebastian Bach] Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms International Research Press, 1980. xi, 261p. ISBN: 0-8357-1117-X (= Studies in musicology, 27) [contents]
6. Stauffer, George B.:   Über Bachs Orgelregistierpraxis. BachJb 67 (1981), 91-105. Summary in English (p.132), French (p.133), Russian (p.135) and Czech (p.137).
7. Stauffer, George B.:   Upstairs at the Thomasschule: Bach's Method of Keyboard Instruction as Revealed in the Manuscripts of H. N. Gerber and Anonymous 5. [p]AMS_Boston (Nov 1981) Assisted by Alys Terrien-Queen, New England Conservatory. A paper read at the Forty-Seventh Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society, 12-15 November 1981 at Park Plaza Hotel, Boston.
8. Stauffer, George B.:   Johann Mattheson and J. S. Bach: the Hamburg connection. [ce]NewMatthesonStudies (1983), 353-368.
9. Stauffer, George B.:   Bach's Pastorale in F: A closer look to a maligned work. OrganYb 14 (1983), 44-60.
10. Stauffer, George B.; Earle, Eugenia:   'I have often felt both suprise and delight at the means he employed to make, little by little, the faulty good, the good better, and the better perfect ...' -- J. S. Bach as Reviser of his Own Keyboard Works. [p]AMS_GreaterNewYork (Apr 1983) A paper read at the Greater New York Chapter meeting of the AMS on April 30, 1983 at Columbia University.
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13. Stauffer, George B.:   'This fantasia is unique, and never had its like'--Problems of Dating Bach's Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue in D minor, BWV 903. [p]AMS_GreaterNewYork (Apr 1985) A paper read at the Greater New York Chapter meeting of the AMS on 13 April 1985 at New York University.
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19. Stauffer, George B. (ed.):   The Forkel-Hoffmeister & Kühnel Correspondence. A Document of the Early 19th-Century Bach Revival. The Letters of Johann Nicolaus Forkel to the Bureau de Musique of Hoffmeister & Kühnel (The Predecessor of C. F. Peters). Transcribed by Joseph Braunstein (New York City). Translated and Annotated by Arthur Mendel (Princeton University). The Letters of the Bureau de Musique of Hoffmeister & Kühnel to Johann Nicolaus Forkel. Transcribed and Annotated by Karen Lehmann (Nationale Forschungs- und Gedenkstätten Johann Sebastian Bach, Leipzig. Translated by George B. Stauffer. New York: C. F. Peters, 1990. xxviii, 151p.
20. Stauffer, George B.:   Christian Gottlieb Zieglers 'Anleitung zur musikalischen Composition'. Ein Bach-Dokument aus der New York Public Library. BachJb 74 (1988), 185-189. Kleine Beiträge.
21. Stauffer, George B.:   'Diese Fantasie ... hat nie ihres Gleichen gehabt.' - Zur Rätselhaftigkeit und zur Chronologie der Bachschen Chromatischen Fantasie und Fuge BWV 903. [cr]Leipzig1985 (1988), 253-258.
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