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1. Lamprecht, Gideon Pieter:   Vertolkings van Johann Sebastian Bach se vrye orrelwerke: 'n Stylkritiese analise van bestaande plaatopnames en Bach-edisies. diss. (1978)
2. Löhlein, Heinz-Harald:   Johann Sebastian Bach, Orgelbüchlein (BWV 599-644), Schübler-Choräle (BWV 645-650), Choralpartiten (BWV 766-768, 770). Quellenkritische Untersuchung und Edition. diss. (1978)
3. Ellis, Phillip:   A critical study and transcription of J. C. Bach's symphonies op.6, nos.2 and 5. diss. (1978)
4. Chin, Sheila Shin-Yin Lau:   Variation techniques in selected organ literature. diss. (1978), 105p
5. Satake, Jun:   Bach no kantata kenkyu: original shukofu ni miru sakkyoku, ensojo no shomondai. diss. (1978), 106p
6. Nail, James Isaac:   The concept of developing variations as a means of producing unity and variety in Schoenberg's Theme and variations, op. 43a. diss. (1978), 138p
7. Metzger, Nancy Doris:   The Performer's Goût: a Study of Rhythmic Conventions and their Application to Selected Organ Works of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1978), 157p
8. Saunders, Mary Nell:   Johann Christian Bach's Dies irae: an analysis for performance. diss. (1978), 176p
9. Kober, Anita:   Die Bach-Rezeption als pädagogische Aufgabe der Erbe-Aneignung in der Erweiterten Oberschule. diss. (1978), 198p
10. Fishbaugh, Ronald Lloyd:   Elements of Romantic Tendency in Selected Keyboard Works of J. S. Bach: A Study with References to the Visual Arts. diss. (1978), 287p
11. Lindemann, Frayda:   Pastoral instruments in French Baroque music: musette and vielle. diss. (1978), 287p
12. Nishihara, Minoru:   Kurth kenkyu josetsu: Kurth ni okeru shinteki keiki to ongaku tetsugaku no shomondai o megutte. diss. (1978), 376p
13. Malinowski, Stanley Anthony, Jr:   The Baroque oratorio Passion. Part II: An edition of the St. Matthew Passion of Johann Valentin Meder. diss. (1978), 595p
14. Dressler, Carolyn Elizabeth:   Armida abbandonata by George Frideric Handel. An edition reflecting the performance practice of the Baroque era. diss. (1978), 61p
15. Anthony, John Philip:   The Organ Works of Johann Christian Kittel. diss. (1978), 636p
16. Evans, Margaret Ruth:   An Annotated List of Sacred Cantatas: 1960 - 1976. diss. (1978), 688p
17. Augenblick, John Walter:   J. S. Bach's Cantata No.5: a Conductor's Analysis. diss. (1978), 79p
18. Hager, Nancy Barnes:   Rhythm and Voice-leading as a Facet of Style: Keyboard Works of J. S. Bach, C. P. E. Bach, and Mozart. diss. (1978), 833p
19. McNulty, Loretta Jean Wood:   A Comparative Study on Bach Transcriptions of Schönberg, Webern, and Strawinsky. diss. (1978), 90p
20. Lisco, John D.:   C.P.E. Bach and the fantasia. diss. (1978), 96p
21. Stauffer, George Boyer:   The free organ preludes of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1978), iv, 311p
22. Albrecht, Timothy Edward:   Musical Rhetoric in Selected Organ Works of Johann Sebastian Bach diss. (1978), v, 211p
23. Brinkman, Alexander Russel:   Johann Sebastian Bach's 'Orgelbüchlein': A Computer-Assisted Study of the Melodic Influence of the Cantus Firmus on the Contrapuntal Voices. diss. (1978), xxiv, 831p

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