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1. Renwick, William J.:   Voice-leading patterns in the fugal expositions of J. S. Bach's 'Well-tempered Clavier'. diss. (1987), 355p
2. Renwick, William:   When Motive and Mode Diverge: Bach's Manualiter 'Kyries' from Clavierübung III. [p]AMS_NewYorkState (Sep 1990)
3. Renwick, William J.:   Structural Patterns in Fugue Subjects and Fugal Expositions. MTheorySpec 13/2 (Autumn 1991), 197-218
4. Renwick, William:   Modality, Imitation and Structural Levels: Bach's Manualiter Kyries from Clavierübung III. MAnalysis 11/1 (Mar 1992), 55-74
5. Renwick, William:   Praeludia et Fugen del Signor Johann Sebastian Bach?: The Origins and Content of MS P-296. [p]AMS_NewYorkState (Oct 1994)
6. Renwick, William:   Analyzing Fugue: A Schenkerian Approach. HarmonolSer 8 (1995), 229p
7. Renwick, William J.:   Hidden Fugal Paths: A Schenkerian View of Handel's F major Fugue (Suite II). MAnalysis 14/1 (Mar 1995), 49-67
8. Renwick, William:   Bach and the 'Old' Musicology. MAnalysis 16/2 (Jul 1997), 255-269
9. Renwick, William J.:   Chemins mystérieux de la fugue: un point de vue schenkérien sur la fugue en fa majeur de la 2e Suite de Händel. Musurgia 4/2 (1997), 12-24
10. Renwick, William:   39. Praeludia et Fugen del Signor Johann Sebastian Bach? The Langloz Manuscript, SBB Mus. ms. Bach P 296. BachPerspectives 4 (1999), 137-158
11. Renwick, William:   The Langloz Manuscript: Fugal Improvisation through Figured Bass. (2001), xvii, 190p
12. Renwick, William:   Aspects of structure in Bach's F-minor fugue, WTC II. [fs]Schachter (2006), 237-245
13. Renwick, William J.:   Of time and eternity: Reflections on 'Das alte Jahr vergangen ist'. JMTheory 50/1 (Spring 2006), 64-76

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