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1. Jones, William:   A treatise on the art of music, In which the elements of harmony and air are practically considered, and illustrated by an hundred and fifty examples in notes, many of them taken from the best authors. (1784), 61, 40p
2. Jones, Griffith:   Geschichte der Tonkunst. (1821), xviii, 227p
3. Jones:   Berlin -- (From a correspondent). MWorld 38/ 3 (21 Jan 1860), 41-42
4. Gwenallt Jones, D.:   Tyrd ferch i'r goedwig / J. S. Bach. (c 1920), 2p
5. Solomon, John; Jones, D. Marblacy:   Bach's Trumpets. MonMRec 61/722 (2 Feb 1931), 43-45
6. Jones, Ifor (ed.):   Jesus, Thou My Wearied Spirit = Jesu, der du meine Seele ... (c 1940), 47p
7. Jones, Ifor (ed.):   Now thank we all our God = Nun danket alle Gott: sacred cantata no. 192. (1940), 47p
8. Jones, Ifor (ed.):   In God I Place My Faith and Trust = Ich habe meine Zuversicht. (c 1941), 24p
9. Jones, Ifor (ed.):   If thou wilt suffer God to guide thee = Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten: Cantata No. 93. / J. S. Bach. (1941), 41p
10. Jones, Ifor (ed.):   Lord, Are Thine Eyes Not Searching for the Righteous? = Herr, deine Augen sehen nach dem Glauben? ... (1941), 53p
11. Jones, Ifor (ed.):   I Suffered with Great Heaviness = Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis. ... (c 1941), 85p
12. Jones, Ifor (ed.):   Praise our God in all his splendor: sacred cantata no. 11 for Ascension Day = Lobet Gott in seinen Reichen by Johann Sebastian Bach. SchirmerLib 1690 (1941), 53p
13. Jones, Ifor (ed.):   There Uprose a Great Strife = Es erhub sich ein Streit. ... (c 1942), 43p
14. Jones, Ifor (ed.):   Beautify Thyself, My Spirit = Schmücke dich, O liebe Seele ... (c 1942), 44p
15. Jones, Ifor (ed.):   Christmas Oratorio Part IV ... (c 1942), 45p
16. Jones, Ifor (ed.):   We must through great tribulation = Wir müssen durch viel Trübsal: Sacred Cantata No. 146 for the third Sunday after Easter by Johann Sebastian Bach. SchirmerLib 1737 (1942), 64p
17. Jones, Ifor (ed.):   Kyrie in D minor. (1943), 15p
18. Jones, Ifor (arr.):   O Jesus Christ, my Life and Light ... Sacred Cantata No. 118 ... (1947), 10p
19. Jones, Ifor (ed.):   For as the Rain and Snow from Heaven Fall, Gleich wie der Regen und Schnee vom Himmel fällt. ... Sacred Cantata No. 18 ... (1947), 25p
20. Jones, Ifor (ed.):   O Lord, this grieving spirit = Ach Herr, mich armen Sünder: sacred cantata, no. 135 by Johann Sebastian Bach. (1947), 32p
21. Jones, Ifor (ed.):   Thou very David's son = Du wahrer Gott und David Sohn ... Sacred Cantata No. 23 / Johann Sebastian Bach (1947), 37p
22. Rhys-Jones, Geraint:   J. S. Bach. CurrentAffairs (Jun 1950)
23. Jones, Terence L.:   Bach's 'Dir, dir Jehova'. MTimes 91/1291 (Sep 1950), 353
24. Jones, Geraint:   Is the Organ a Musical Instrument? MTimes 93/1318 (Dec 1952), 543-544
25. [Jones, Geraint]:   The Genius of Bach: An Organ Recital Syllabus--Royal Festival Hall Organ. MBook 8 (1956), 211-214
26. Jones, Ifor:   The Bethlehem Bach Festivals: Known and Unknown Repertory. AmerChoralReview 4/1 (Oct 1961), 1-3
27. Jones, Ifor (ed.):   The Lamb that for us was slain ... (1962), 16p
28. Jones, David:   The Music of Xenakis. [English Bach Festival] MTimes 107/1480 (Jun 1966), 495-496
29. Jones, Anita Joyce Gilstrap:   A survey of organ works based on the motive B-A-C-H. diss. (1970), 106p
30. Wyn Jones, Rowland (ed.):   Crucifixus = Croeshoeliedig (Mass in B minor) / by J. S. Bach. (1972), 118-134
31. Jones, Gregory Paul:   Heinrich Christoph Koch's description of the symphony and a comparison with selected symphonies of C.P.E. Bach and Haydn. diss. (1973), vii, 110p
32. Jones, Richard D. P. (ed.):   Erster Teil der Klavierübung / Johann Sebastian Bach. NBA 5/ 1 (1976), xii (5p facs), 113p
33. Jones, John A.:   The analogy of eighteenth century music and poetry: Bach and Pope. CentennReviewArtSci 21 (1977), 211-235
34. Jones, Richard D. P.:   Johann Sebastian Bach. Neue Ausgabe Sämtlicher Werke. Serie V · Band 1. Erster Teil der Klavierübung. Kritischer Bericht. NBA 5/ 1 (1978), 84p
35. Jones, Philip P.; Barnes, John:   Bach, and Werckmeister. EarlyM 8/4 (Oct 1980), 511, 513
36. Emery, Walter; Wolff, Christoph; Jones, Richard; Helm, Eugene; Warburton, Ernest; Derr, Ellwood S.:   Bach. NewGrove(1) 1 (1980), 774-877
37. Jones, Richard (ed.):   Inventions and Sinfonias ; BWV 772-801 / J. S. Bach. (1984), 79p
38. Jones, Richard (ed.):   French suites BWV 812-817 / J. S. Bach. (1985), 92p
39. Ward Jones, Peter:   The Library of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. [fs]Elvers60 (1985), 289-328
40. Jones, Richard D. P.:   The History and Text of Bach's Clavierübung I. diss. (1988), 269 Bl
41. Jones, Richard D. P. (ed.):   A Bach family album. (1989), 20p
42. Ward Jones, Peter:   Catalogue of the Mendelssohn Papers in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. Vol.3, Printed music and books. MbibliogrArb 9 (1989), xvi, 337p
43. Jones, Richard D. P.:   Stages in the development of Bach's 'The Well-Tempered Clavier II' MTimes 132/1783 (Sep 1991), 441-446
44. Jones, Richard D. P.:   Further observations on the development of 'The Well-Tempered Clavier II'. MTimes 132/1786 (Dec 1991), 607-609
45. Ward Jones, Peter:   Mendelssohn and his English publishers. [ce]MendelssohnStudies (1992), 240-255
46. Rowland-Jones, Anthony:   Recorder slurring. II: The later Baroque AmerRecorder 34/4 (1993), 6-11
47. Elvers, Rudolf; Ward Jones, Peter:   Das Musikalienverzeichnis von Fanny und Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. MendelssohnSt 8 (1993), 85-103
48. Jones, Richard D. P. (ed.):   The Well-Tempered Clavier, Part I. BWV 846-869 / J. S. Bach. (1994), 168p
49. Jones, Richard D. P. (ed.):   The Well-Tempered Clavier, Part II. BWV 870-893 / J. S. Bach. (1994), 208p
50. Jones, Perry:   Bach choir: Britain and America AmerChoralReview 36/1 (Winter-Spring 1994), 4
51. Rowland-Jones, Anthony:   Recorders Slurring III: The Technique of Slurring. AmerRecorder 35/1 (1994), 7-12
52. Jones, Perry:   The Bethlehem Bach Choir approaches its centennial. ChoralJ 34/9 (Apr 1994), 13-18
53. Jones, Richard D. P.:   Editing Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier II. [p]BCB_Edinburgh (Jul 1994)
54. Jones, Perry:   Bach choirs of London. AmerChoralReview 37/1 (Winter-Spring 1995), 3
55. Thomas, Elmer; Jones, Erik Reid:   J. S. Bach's B-Minor Mass: Symbolism and Twentieth-Century Performance Practices. ChoralJ 35/8 (Mar 1995), 21-29
56. Jones, Richard D. P.:   When Bach Changed his Mind. PianoToday 15/6 (1995), 9-10
57. Ward Jones, Peter (ed.):   Felix und Cécile Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Das Tagebuch der Hochzeitsreise: nebst Briefen an die Familien. (1997), 236p
58. Jones, Richard D. P.:   The keyboard works: Bach as teacher and virtuoso. [ce]CambridgeCompanion_Bach (1997), 136-153
59. Ward Jones, Peter:   Mendelssohn Scores in the Library of the Royal Philharmonic Society. [cr]Berlin1994 (1997), 64-75
60. Jones, Richard D. P.:   Johann Sebastian Bach. Neue Ausgabe Sämtlicher Werke. Serie V · Band 1. Erster Teil der Klavierübung. Sechs Partiten (BWV 825-830). Nachtrag zum Kritischen Bericht. NBA 5/ 1 [Nachtrag] (1997), 19p
61. Jones, Perry:   The revival of Bach's choral music. Diapason 89/11:1068 (Nov 1998), 16-17
62. Rowland-Jones, Simon:   Interpreting Bach. Strad 110/1305 (Jan 1999), 34-35, 37, 39
63. Jones, Richard D. P. (ed.):   The art of fugue BWV 1080 / J. S. Bach. (2002), 127p
64. Jones, Sara Ann:   'The Neumeister Collection of Chorale Preludes of the Bach Circle': An examination of the chorale preludes of J. S. Bach and their usage as service music and pedagogical works. diss. (2002), x, 89p
65. Jones, Paul S.:   J. S. Bach and Musical Hermeneutics: An Evangelical Composer/Preacher. (2003)
66. Ward Jones, Peter:   The organ and continuo parts for the 1841 Leipzig Matthäuspassion performance. [p]IK_Leipzig (Nov 2005)
67. Jones, Richard D. P. (ed.):   Sechs Partiten. Erster Teil der Klavierübungen. BWV 825-830 / J.S. Bach. (2007), xii, 155p
68. Jones, Richard D. P.:   The Creative Development of Johann Sebastian Bach. Volume 1: 1695-1717. Music to Delight the Spirit. (2007), xiv, 335p
69. Ward Jones, Peter:   Die Continuo- und Orgelstimmen zur Leipziger Aufführung der Matthäus-Passion im Jahre 1841. BeitrGesBachRezeption 1 (2007), 315-328
70. Jones, Erik Reid:   Rhythmic Layers and Tempo Relationships in Bach's B Minor Mass. AmerChoralReview 50/1 (Winter-Spring 2008), 1-8
71. Jones, Richard D. P.:   'His superior ideas are the consequences of those inferior ones': Influence and Independence in Bach's Early Creative Development. [p]BNUK_Oxford (Jan 2008)
72. Jones, Richard D. P.:   'His superior ideas are the consequences of those inferior ones': Influence and Independence in Bach's Early Creative Development. UnderstandingBach 3 (2008), 31-38
73. Jones, Gordon:   Bach's Choral Music: A Listener's Guide. (2009), 224p
74. Klein, Hans-Günter; Ward Jones, Peter (eds):   Eintragungen in den 'Schreibkalendern' 1836 und 1837 / Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. MendelssohnSt_Sb 1 (2009), 92p
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76. Jones, Richard D. P.:   The Creative Development of Johann Sebastian Bach. Volume II: 1717-1750. Music to Delight the Spirit. (2013), xii, 437p
77. Ward Jones, Peter:   Mendelssohn's Performances of the 'Matthäus-Passion': Considerations of the Documentary Evidence. MLetters 97/3 (Aug 2016), 409-464

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