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Series : UnderstandingBach
Volume : 3
Year : 2008
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1. Jones, Richard D. P.:   'His superior ideas are the consequences of those inferior ones': Influence and Independence in Bach's Early Creative Development. UnderstandingBach 3 (2008), 31-38
2. Leaver, Robin A.:   An Early English Imprint of the 'Crucifixus' of the B minor Mass (BWV 232II/5). UnderstandingBach 3 (2008), 39-54
3. Rose, Stephen:   The Musician-Novels of the German Baroque: New Light on Bach's World. UnderstandingBach 3 (2008), 55-66
4. Wollny, Peter; Maul, Michael:   The Weimar Organ Tablature: Bach's Earliest Autographs. UnderstandingBach 3 (2008), 67-74
5. Baldock, Rachel:   Responding to Notation: Interpreting Dynamic Markings in the Instrumental Music of C.P.E. Bach. UnderstandingBach 3 (2008), 77-79
6. Crean, Elise:   New Perspectives on the Canons of Johann Sebastian Bach. UnderstandingBach 3 (2008), 80-82
7. Dunlop, Alison:   The Keyboard Copyists of Fux's Circle with Particular Emphasis on Gottlieb Muffat. UnderstandingBach 3 (2008), 83-86
8. Jarvis, Martin W. B.:   The Application of Forensic Document Examination Techniques to the Writings of J. S. Bach and A. M. Bach. UnderstandingBach 3 (2008), 87-92
9. Cohen, Dalia:   Bach: Forerunner of the Future through Exploration of the Potential of Learned and Natural Schemata. UnderstandingBach 3 (2008), 9-30
10. Kovacevic, Tanja; [Kovačević]:   Trailing the Sources: A Pursuit of a Europe-wide Picture of Bach Reception in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries. UnderstandingBach 3 (2008), 93-98 Latin 2
11. Mills, Ian:   The 'Lost' Eighteen: Breitkopf, Mendelssohn and the Nineteenth-century Re-emergence of Bach's 15 Grand Preludes on Corales. UnderstandingBach 3 (2008), 99-104
12. Schwalbach, Burkhard:   Eighteenth-century Coffee-House Culture: A New Context for Bach's Music? UnderstandingBach 3 (2008), 105-108
13. Tatlow, Ruth:   Report on the Third J. S. Bach Dialogue Meeting: New Directions in Bach Studies. UnderstandingBach 3 (2008), 109-111

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