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1. Jarvis, Martin W. B.:   Did JS Bach write the cello suites? MOpinion 126/1431 (Nov-Dec 2002), 78-82
2. Jarvis, Martin W. B.:   Who Composed the Bach Cello Suites? [p]MSA_Newcastle (Oct 2002)
3. Jarvis, Martin W. B.:   Did J.S. Bach write the Cello Suites? Part 1. Stringendo 24/2 (2002), 28-32
4. Jarvis, Martin W. B.:   Did J.S. Bach write the Cello Suites? Part 2 Stringendo 25/1 (2003), 20-22
5. Jarvis, Martin W. B.:   The Significance of Anna Magdalena Bach. [1] MOpinion 128/1447 (Jul-Aug 2005), 36-38
6. Jarvis, Martin W. B.:   The Significance of Anna Magdalena Bach [2]: Forensic Document Examination of the 1720 Notebook for Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. MOpinion 129/1448 (Sep-Oct 2005), 44-46
7. Jarvis, Martin W. B.:   Strange to my ears! The Anna Magdalena Bach Cello Suites? Stringendo 28/1 (2006), 18-22
8. Jarvis, Martin W. B.:   Did Johann Sebastian Bach Write the Six Cello Suites? diss. (2007), 430p
9. Jarvis, Martin W. B.:   BWV 1127 - new evidence from a Forensic Document Examination which may also have implications for the question of who wrote the Six Cello Suites. [p]SMI_DIT (May 2007)
10. Jarvis, Martin W. B.:   Is Anna Magdalena's manuscript of the Violin Sonatas & Partitas a copy of the '1720 Autograph' of the Unaccompanied Violin Sonatas & Partitas of JS Bach? Stringendo 29/2 (2007), 41-42
11. Jarvis, Martin W. B.:   '1720 Autograph' of the Violin Sonatas & Partitas what it purports to be? Stringendo 30/2 (2008), 27-30
12. Jarvis, Martin W. B.:   The Application of Forensic Document Examination Techniques to the Writings of J. S. Bach and A. M. Bach. UnderstandingBach 3 (2008), 87-92
13. Jarvis, Martin W. B.:   The Music-Calligraphy of Johann Sebastian and Anna Magdalena Bach. JForensicDocExamination 20 (2010)
14. Jarvis, Martin W. B.:   Written by Mrs Bach: The Amazing Discovery That Shocked the Music World. (2011), 224p

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