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1. Crean, Elise:   The Canonic Compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach: An Examination of Their Personal and Historical Context. diss. (2005), 73p
2. Tomita, Yo; Crean, Elise; Mills, Ian (eds.):   International Symposium: Understanding Bach's B-minor Mass. Discussion Book 1. Full Papers by the Speakers at the Symposium on 2, 3 and 4 November 2007. [cr]Belfast2007 1 (2007), x, 356p
3. Crean, Elise:   From Stölzel to Bach: Practischer Beweiß and the Fourteen Canons. [p]BICB_Leeds (Jul 2008)
4. Crean, Elise:   Alternative agendas in The Musical Offering. [p]SMI-PSC_Dublin (Jan 2008)
5. Crean, Elise:   Canonic connections between Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel and Johann Sebastian Bach. [p]SMI_Waterford (May 2008)
6. Crean, Elise:   New Perspectives on the Canons of Johann Sebastian Bach. UnderstandingBach 3 (2008), 80-82
7. Crean, Elise:   G. H. Stölzel's Practischer Beweiss: A Hitherto Unconsidered Source for J. S. Bach's Fourteen Canons. Bach 40/2 (2009), 1-21
8. Crean, Elise:   G.H. Stölzel's Practischer Beweiß: A Hitherto-Unconsidered Source for J.S. Bach's Fourteen Canons, BWV 1087. [p]RMA_London (Jan 2009)
9. Crean, Elise:   The Fourteen Canons: Foundation or Culmination? A re-evaluation of their position amongst Bach's late works. [p]BICB_Belfast (Jul 2010)
10. Crean, Elise:   The Fourteen Canons (BWV 1087): Foundation or Culmination? A re-evaluation of their position among Bach's late works. UnderstandingBach 5 (2010), 67-75

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