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1. Huray, Peter Le; Butt, John:   In Search of Bach the Organist. [ce]BHSTercentenaryEssays (1985), 185-206.
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8. Butt, John:   Historical Performance of Bach in the Late-Twentieth Century: Meaningless, Desirable, or Unavoidable? [p]AMS_NorthernCalifornia (Fall 1992) A paper read at the Northern California Chapter of the American Musicological Society in Fall 1992 at University of California, Davis.
9. Butt, John:   Music education and the art of performance in the German Baroque. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1994. xix, 237p. (= Cambridge Musical Texts and Monographs) [contents]
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12. Butt, John:   Perfectly infinite. BBCMMag (1997), 38-40. In: BBC music magazine special issue 1997 p. 38-40. ISSN: 0966-7180
13. Butt, John:   Bach's metaphysics of music. [ce]CambridgeCompanion_Bach (1997), 46-59.
14. Butt, John:   'A mind unconscious that it is calculating'? Bach and the rationalist philosophy of Wolff, Leibniz and Spinoza. [ce]CambridgeCompanion_Bach (1997), 60-71.
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17. Butt, John:   Ornamentation. [ce]SacredChoralMusicJSB (1997), 48-54.
18. Butt, John (ed.):   The Sacred Choral Music of J. S. Bach: A Handbook. Brewster, Mass.: Paraclete Press, 1997. 66p. ISBN: 1-55725-197-5. [contents]
19. Butt, John:   Bach's vocal scoring: what can it mean? EarlyM 26/1 (Feb 1998), 99-107.
20. Butt, John:   Los signos de articulacion de la música para cuerda en la epoca de J.S. Bach. Quodlibet 11 (Jun 1998), 3-15. Trans. by Ramon Silles.
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24. Butt, John:   Bach in the 21st Century: Re-evaluating him from the perspective of performance. [p]BCB_Dublin (Jul 2000) A Keynote Paper read at Ninth Biennial Conference on Baroque Music, Trinity College Dublin, 12-16 July 2000.
25. Butt, John:   Performer's View: Bach and the Performance of Meaning. AmerBachSocNL (Fall 2001), 5, 10.
26. Butt, John:   Bach, the Postmodern Mindset and Scholarship Today. [p]IS_Oxford (Dec 2001) A paper read at Fifth International Symposium 'Understanding Bach through Science, Art and Criticism', Oxford, 17-18 December 2001 organised by Tureck Bach Research Foundation, Faculty of Music, Oxford University.
27. Butt, John:   Playing with History: The Historical Approach to Musical Performance. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002. xv, 265p. ISBN: 0-521-81352-2 (hardback); 0-521-01358-5 (paperback); 0-511-03020-7 (eBook).
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31. Butt, John:   Recordings: Altbachisches Archiv: Works by Johann Bach (1604-1673), Johann Christoph Bach (1642-1703), Georg Christoph Bach (1642-1697), Johann Michael Bach (1648-1694), Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). 18cM 1/1 (Mar 2004), 109-111. Cantus Cölln / Concerto Paladino / Konrad Junghänel. Harmonia Mundi HMC901783/84, 2003; two disks, 2' 33''.
32. Butt, John:   Bach in the twenty-first century: re-evaluating him from the perspective of performance. IrishMStud 8 (2004), 191-204.
33. Butt, John:   Bach in the twenty-first century: re-evaluating him from the perspective of performance. BachNachwelt 4 (2005), 169-181. [Repr. from Anne Leahy / Yo Tomita (Hrsg.), Bach Studies from Dublin, Dublin 2004, S. 191-204 (= Irish Musical Studies 8)]
34. Butt, John:   Figuring out Bach. [fs]Elliott (2005), 211-219.
35. Butt, John:   The universal musician. Guardian (12 Dec 2005), 16-19. Bach has been borrowed by innumerable causes, from religion to modernism. John Butt examines a life with many meanings.
36. Butt, John:   Bach Passions and the Concepts of Time. [p]CWolff_Harvard (Sep 2005) A Paper read at the 'The Century of Bach and Mozart Perspectives on Historiography, Composition, Theory & Performance', a conference dedicated to Christoph Wolff, held on September 23-25, 2005 at John Knowles Paine Concert Hall, Harvard University.
37. Butt, John:   Bringing Christ to the Concert Hall -- Mendelssohn and the Reshaping of the St Matthew Passion. [p]MendelssohnL19C_Dublin (Jul 2005) A key-note paper read at conference 'Mendelssohn in the Long Nineteenth Century' held at Trinity College Dublin, 15-17 July 2005.
38. Butt, John:   Bach: cantatas and a passion. EarlyM 34/1 (Feb 2006), 168-171. Recording Reviews.
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42. Strohm, Reinhard; Butt, John; Dreyfus, Laurence; Tatlow, Ruth:   Bach Network UK -- latest report: New Directions in Bach Studies: Second J S Bach Dialogue Meeting [9-10 December 2006 in Oxford] BachNotesLBS (Mar 2007), [5].
43. Butt, John:   Clavier Übung III. BachHandb 4/2 (2008), 906-929. Quellen, Hintergründe und Intentionen; Praeludium Es-Dur BWV 552/1; Musik für die Messe; Musik für den Katechismus; Fuga Es-Dur BWV 552/2.
44. Butt, John:   Canonische Veränderungen über Vom Himmel hoch. BachHandb 4/2 (2008), 949-961. [BWV 769 (769a)]
45. Butt, John:   Die 'Schübler-Choräle'. BachHandb 4/2 (2008), 996-1006. [BWV 645-650]
46. Butt, John:   Bach's Passions and the Textures of Time. HarvardPubM 22 (2008), 111-120.
47. Butt, John:   Between rhetoric and dialectic - Bach's inventive stance in the Passions. [p]SMA_Glasgow (Apr 2009) A keynote paper read at SMA Spring Study Day 'Bach's Passions' held on 24-25 April 2009 at University of Glasgow.
48. Butt, John:   Bach's Dialogue with Modernity: Perspectives on the Passions. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. 336p. ISBN-13: 978-0521883566. - Paperback edn. 2012. ISBN 978-1107404601.
49. Butt, John:   Emotion in the German Lutheran Baroque and the development of subjective time consciousness. MAnalysis 29/1-3 (Mar-Oct 2010), 19-36. [BWV 32/1]
50. Butt, John:   Who is speaking in the Bach passions? [cr]Weimar2004 2 (2012), 428-433.
51. Butt, John:   Organs and universities—A universal association? [cr]Harvard2012 (2013), 1-10.
52. Butt, John; Tomita, Yo; Marissen, Michael; Varwig, Bettina:   Principles of Performance Lost and Gained: John Butt on Bach-related subjects in conversation with Yo Tomita, Michael Marissen and Bettina Varwig. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015) A session presented at the Seventh J. S. Bach Dialogue Meeting at Madingley Hall, Cambridge, 8-10 July 2015.
53. Butt, John:   Leonhardt's Role in the Invention of Historically Informed Performance. Bach 48/2 and 49/1 (2018), 9-12.
54. Butt, John:   Bach and the dance of humankind. [ce]MusicologyDance (2020), 19-48.

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