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1. Petzoldt, Martin:   Studien zur Theologie im Rahmen der Lebensgeschichte Johann Sebastian Bachs. diss. (1985)
2. Hughes, Jennifer:   Bach's Keyboard music in England and Germany, 1770-1850. diss. (1985)
3. Benitez, Vincent P.:   Musical-rhetorical figures in the 'Orgelbüchlein' of J.S. Bach. diss. (1985)
4. Campbell, Robert:   Mendelssohn's Te Deum in D: Influences and the development of style. diss. (1985), 150p
5. Gibboney, Ted A.:   Cryptic eloquence: Elements of form and expression in the large cantus firmus setting of J. S. Bach's 'Clavierübung III'. diss. (1985), 169p
6. Tur, Tat'jana:   Funkcii central'noj kul'minacii v dramaturgii muzykal'nogo proizvedenija: Na materiale malyh form. diss. (1985), 22p
7. Schilling, Kevin:   Johann Sebastian Bach's concerto for oboe and violin, BWV 1060 and Brandenburg concerto no.2, BWV 1047: Two performance analyses based on a study of rhythmic groupings. diss. (1985), 244p
8. Zappalà, Pietro:   Le Choralkantaten di Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. diss. (1985), 263p
9. Bighley, Mark Steven:   The Lutheran Chorales in the Organ Works of J. S. Bach. diss. (1985), 271p
10. Kilian, Gerald:   Studien zu Louis Spohr. diss. (1985), 339p
11. Kranz, Maria Hinrichs:   Max Reger: piano variations on themes of Bach, Beethoven, Telemann. diss. (1985), 75p
12. Nott, Michael David:   Ernest Bloch's pedagogical writings: a didactic legacy of twentieth-century America diss. (1985), ix, 532 leaves
13. Stinson, Russell:   The Bach Manuscripts of Johann Peter Kellner and his Circle. diss. (1985), x, 493p
14. Pollard, Joseph Victor:   Tuning and temperament in southern Germany to the end of the seventeenth century. diss. (1985), xv, 501p

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