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1. Moseley, Rowland:   The Art of Gigue: Perspectives on Genre and Formula in J. S. Bach's Compositional Practice. diss. (2014)
2. Poveda Guacanemo, Adriana Marcela:   Propuesta interpretativa a partir del análisis formal y estilístico de dos movimientos Allemanda y doble de la partita para violín solo No.1 en Si menor de J.S Bach. diss. (2014), 23p
3. Velikovskij, Aleksandr Űr'evič:   Gol'dberg-variacii (Aria mit verschiedenen Verćnderungen) v kontekste pozdnego tvorcestva I.S. Baha. diss. (2014), 417p Latin 2
4. Isaacs, Azra:   A performance guide of J.S. Bach's viola da Gama sonatas transcribed for viola. diss. (2014), 86p
5. Napier, Dione, J.:   A Study of J.S. Bach's Sacred and Secular Vocal Works influenced by Popular Stylized Dance of the French Baroque Court: A Performer's Guide. diss. (2014), v, 127p
6. Kostka, Magdalena:   Sonatas for violin and basso continuo written by British composers in the first half of the eighteenth century. diss. (2014), vii, 437p
7. Hucht, Michael:   Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdys vierstimmige Chorlieder a cappella und das Chorwesen in der ersten Ha¨lfte des 19. Jahrhunderts. diss. (2014), viii, 342, ccvi p
8. French, Hannah Chloe:   The Role of Sir Henry J. Wood in the English Bach Awakening: Orchestral Bach at the Proms 1895-1944. diss. (2014), x, 238, viii, 191p
9. Duvall, André Charles:   The Development and Application of Keyboard Fingering Principles in the Music of J. S. Bach and C. P. E. Bach: An Analysis in Comparison with Modern Approaches to Fingering, and the Utilization of the J. C. Bach-Ricci Method for Nurturing a Versatile Technique in the Early Stages of Study. diss. (2014), xiv, 192p
10. Reef, John S.:   Perspectives on Phrase Rhythm in J. S. Bach's Keyboard Fugues. diss. (2014), xix, 245p
11. Holden, Edward:   Charles Valentin Alkan: Interpreting the Composer's use of Rhythm as Identified in the Dominant Motifs present in the Music for Organ, Pedal-piano and Harmonium. diss. (2014), xvii, 400p

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