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1. Myhajlova, Iryna Mykolaivna:   Ideâ transcendentnogo v muzyci J.-S. Baha ta A.G. Šnitke: Obrazy, symvoly, paradoksy. diss. (2009), 179p Latin 2
2. Redrow, Sean Patrick:   The 'Livre d'Orgue' of Nicolas de Grigny and the 'Livre' copies of J.S. Bach and J.G. Walther--A performing edition with critical commentary. diss. (2009), 276p
3. Sulaiman, Samaa:   Les pianistes et le répertoire du baroque tardif pour clavier: réflexion sur un corpus d'interprétations discographiques (J.S.Bach, Rameau, D.Scarlatti). diss. (2009), 338p
4. Lephay, Pierre-Emmanuel:   Que faire d'une oeuvre inachevée? Les choix interprétatifs face au manque à travers les exemples de 'L'art de la fugue' de Bach, 'La Khovantchina' de Moussorgsky et la 'Neuvième symphonie' de Bruckner. diss. (2009), 469, 143p
5. Joyce, Elizabeth B.:   Representation of 'the world' in the church cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (2009), 606p
6. Helfgott, Maria:   Die Orgelmesse: Eine Untersuchung der orgelbegleiteten Messen vom ausgehenden 18. bis zum beginnenden 20. Jahrhundert. diss. (2009), 675p
7. Alexander, Daniel:   The solo flute sonatas of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach 1735-1786: A re-evaluation of the appoggiatura, and its links to performance practice and compositional style. diss. (2009), 89p
8. Beck, Kimberly Jean:   The Dance movements of Christian Flor in Lüneburg Mus. Ant. Pract. 1198. diss. (2009), iv, 111p
9. D'Elia, Peter:   Clementi's Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Gradus ad Parnassum, and the Prelude. diss. (2009), iv, 73p
10. Seighman, Gary B.:   Expanding the Choral Conductor's Horizon: The Application of Selected Literary Theories to the Process of Choral Score Study. diss. (2009), v, 170p
11. Rice, Karen M.:   Beyond Third Stream: Henry Martin's Preludes and fugues for solo piano. diss. (2009), vi, 170p
12. McCormick, Susan:   The Choralbuch of Johann Christian Kittel. Its significance in our understanding of Bach's legacy. diss. (2009), vii, 78p; v, 533p

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