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1. Thompson, William Forde:   Judgements of key change in Bach chorale excerpts an investigation of the sensitivity to keys, chords, & voicing. diss. (1986)
2. Häfner, Klaus:   Verschollen geglaubte Sätze des Bachschen Vokalwerkes. Neue Beiträge zum Parodieverfahren bei Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1986)
3. Koehler, William Alan:   The late independent keyboard rondos of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. diss. (1986), 102p
4. Loeser, Annekatrin:   Annäherung an Rezeptionsvorgänge. Aspekte der Bach-Rezeption Robert Schumanns. diss. (1986), 103p
5. Morris, Clayton Leslie:   The 'Saint Matthew Passion' of Johann Sebastian Bach: An examination of the composer's theological interpretation of the Passion narrative. diss. (1986), 228p
6. Davis, Nathan J.:   The Baroque violoncello and the unaccompanied cello suites of J. S. Bach, B.W.V. 1007 - 1012. diss. (1986), 232p
7. Ebicioglu, Kemal:   An expert system of harmonization of chorales in the style of J. S. Bach. diss. (1986), 297p
8. Mcafee, Kay Roberts:   Rhetorical Analysis of the Sonatas for Organ in E Minor, BWV 528, and G Major, BWV 530, by Johann Sebastian Bach, a Lecture Recital, together with three Recitals of selected Works of J. Alain, D. Buxtehude, C. Franck and others. diss. (1986), 56p
9. Tomita, Yo:   The Well-Tempered Clavier II and Pianoforte Performance. Appreciation of Bach's profound compositional level - Theological and philosophical Speculation. diss. (1986), 86p
10. Carruthers, Glen Blaine:   Bach and the Piano: Editions, Arrangements and Transcriptions from Czerny to Rachmaninov. diss. (1986), vi, 251p
11. Kong, Joanne Lan-Funn:   A comparison of the technical and interpretive qualities of the piano and harpsichord, accompanied by performance editions of the 'Chromatic fantasy and fugue' (BWV 903) by Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1986), xii, 139p
12. Brokaw, James A., II.:   Techniques of Expansion in the Preludes and Fugues of J. S. Bach. diss. (1986), xii, 329p
13. Cammarota, Robert Michael:   The Repertoire of Magnificats in Leipzig at the time of J. S. Bach: A Study of Manuscript Sources. diss. (1986), xvi, 356, 210p

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