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1. Tessmer, Manfred:   Johann Sebastian Bach: Dritter Teil der Clavierübung. I. Kritischer Bericht. 2. Notenband. diss. (1967)
2. Constantini, Franz-Peter:   Die Entwicklung der Versettenkomposition vom ausgehenden Mittelbarock bis zum Rokoko. diss. (1967)
3. Zander, Ferdinand:   Die Dichter der Kantatentexte Johann Sebastian Bachs. Untersuchung zu ihrer Bestimmung. diss. (1967), 113p
4. Igoe, James Thomas:   J. S. Bach's transcriptions for solo keyboard. diss. (1967), 200p
5. Boldt, Kenwyn Guy:   The solo clavier Sonatas attributed to J. S. Bach. diss. (1967), 32p
6. Broyles, Michael Everett:   Textural Interpretations in the chorale Harmonizations of J. S. Bach. diss. (1967), 471p
7. Kidd, Ronald R.:   The sonata for keyboard with violin accompaniment in England (1750-1790). diss. (1967), 534p
8. Macomber, Frank S.:   Bach's re-use of his own music: a study in transcription. diss. (1967), 660p
9. Jenne, Natalie R.:   Certain problems of rhythm and articulation in the performance of J. S. Bach's harpsichord music. diss. (1967), 68p
10. Burk, James Mack:   Band transcriptions of the organ music of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1967), 78p
11. Bower, C. M.:   Boethius 'The Principlies of Music', an Introduction, Translation and Commentary. diss. (1967), 93-95
12. Schmitz, Eberhard:   Die Messen Johann David Heinichens. diss. (1967), vii, 321p
13. Cole, F. E.:   Bach's 'Goldberg-Variations': a descriptive study and analysis. DissAbstracts 27 (1967), 4276-4277
14. Mason, Christine M.:   Ritornello form in movements for chorus and orchestra by J. S. Bach. diss. (1967-68)

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