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Series : Bach
Volume : 27
Year : 1996
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1. Crist, Stephen A.:   Bach, Theology, and Harmony: A New Look at the Arias. Bach 27/1 (Spring-Summer 1996), 1-30
2. Linton, Michael:   The Dual Chiastic Design of the C-Major Prelude, BWV 870 (The Well Tempered Clavier, Book II.) Bach 27/1 (Spring-Summer 1996), 31-56
3. Ambrose, Jane:   Madness and Music: Handel's Porphyric Patron, George III. Bach 27/1 (Spring-Summer 1996), 57-65
4. Parvula Corona Musicalis by Ernst Krenek: The Composer's Autograph Manuscript and Explanations. Bach 27/1 (Spring-Summer 1996), 66-85
5. Smithers, Don L.:   Anomalies of Tonart and Stimmton in the first version of Bach's Magnificat (BWV 243a). Bach 27/2 (Fall-Winter 1996), 1-59
6. Gleason, Harold:   A seventeenth-century Organ Instruction Book. [Wegweiser die Kunst die Orgel recht zu schlagen] Bach 27/2 (Fall-Winter 1996), 60-83

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