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1. Paczkowski, Szymon:   'The Ideal of Great Music I Created for Myself'. Chopin, Bach and the Baroque Musical Tradition. [cr]Warsaw2017 (2019), 13-46
2. Tatlow, Ruth:   Symmetry and a Template: Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, and Chopin's Preludes, Op. 28. [cr]Warsaw2017 (2019), 51-81
3. Blanken, Christine:   A Genuine Romantic Composer and his Pre-Classical Inspirations: Johann Sebastian Bach as Seen through the Eyes of Franz Schubert. New Light on Viennese Bach Sources [cr]Warsaw2017 (2019), 87-126
4. Synofzik, Thomas:   Romantic Counterpoint? – Compositional Techniques in the Piano Fugues of Robert and Clara Schumann. [cr]Warsaw2017 (2019), 131-167
5. Tomita, Yo:   Aspects of the Reception of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier in Chopin's Time: An Overview of Print and Manuscript Sources [cr]Warsaw2017 (2019), 171-196
6. Delpech, Louis:   Bach in Paris. Editions, Networks, Performances (1800-1840). [cr]Warsaw2017 (2019), 201-227
7. Brookshire, Bradley:   Chopin and the Legacy of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. [cr]Warsaw2017 (2019), 231-262
8. Speerstra, Joel:   Bach, Chopin, and the Affordances of Keyboard Instruments during the Long Eighteenth Century. [cr]Warsaw2017 (2019), 267-280
9. Guido, Massimiliano:   Improvisation Matrices: A Possible Reading for Bach's and Chopin's Preludes? [cr]Warsaw2017 (2019), 285-299
10. Papadopoulou, Vasiliki:   Karol Lipiński as Editor and Interpreter of J. S. Bach's Music [cr]Warsaw2017 (2019), 303-339 Latin 2
11. Bertoglio, Chiara:   Translating Bach: Understanding Bach Piano Performance through Lipiński's Instructive Edition [cr]Warsaw2017 (2019), 343-367 Latin 2
12. Erickson, Raymond:   Popularisation and Transformation: Bach's Violin Ciaccona, BWV 1004/5 in the Nineteenth Century. [cr]Warsaw2017 (2019), 371-393
13. Maul, Michael:   Public Concerts at the 'True Musical Conservatory': Baroque Repertoire at St Thomas's School at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century. [cr]Warsaw2017 (2019), 397-409
14. Zepf, Markus:   Bach - Mozart - Chopin. Some Aspects of Pianos and Piano Making from Bach's to Chopin's Time. [cr]Warsaw2017 (2019), 413-455
15. Poniatowska, Irena:   Some Remarks on Tempo Rubato from the Baroque to Chopin. [cr]Warsaw2017 (2019), 459-470
16. Paczkowski, Szymon (ed.):   Bach and Chopin: Baroque Traditions in the Music of the Romantics. [cr]Warsaw2017 (2019), 492p

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