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1. Wollenberg, Susan:   The Jupiter Theme: New Light on Its Creation. MTimes 116/1591 (Sep 1975), 781-783.
2. Wollenberg, Susan:   A New Look at C. P. E. Bach's Musical Jokes. [ce]CPEBachStud (1988), 295-314.
3. Wollenberg, Susan:   Changing views of C.P.E. Bach. MLetters 69/4 (Oct 1988), 461-464.
4. Wollenberg, Susan:   Schumann's Piano Quintet in E flat: The Bach Legacy. MReview 52/4 (Nov 1991), 299-305.
5. Wollenberg, Susan:   Beginnings and Endings: C. P. E. Bach's Keyboard Sonatas Revisted. CPEBachKonzepteSR 2 (1998), 223-244.
6. Wollenberg, Susan:   Bach no Musuko tachi. SeiyoOngakushiTaikei 3 (1998), 46-61. [Sons of Bach] Trans. by Keiji Okuda. In: Seiyo ongakushi taikei. III: Koten-ha no ongaku. Tokyo: Gakushu Kenkyu, 1998. 195p
7. Wollenberg, Susan:   C. P. E. Bach conference. German Orpheus: C. P. E. Bach and musical culture in the late 18th century, Barnes Hall, Cornell University, 12-14 February 1999. EarlyM 27/3 (Aug 1999), 507. Report. [BWV 1032]
8. Wollenberg, Susan:   Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach in England. CPEBachKonzepteSR 4 (2005), 227-242.
9. Wollenberg, Susan:   'Es lebe die Ordnung und Betriebsamkeit! Was hilft das beste Herz ohne jene!': A New Look at Fantasia Elements in the Keyboard Sonatas of C. P. E. Bach. 18cM 4/1 (Mar 2007), 119-128.
10. Ellsworth, Therese; Wollenberg, Susan (eds.):   The Piano in Nineteenth-Century British Culture. Instruments, Performers and Repertoire. Foreword by Nicholas Temperley. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2007. [xxv], 270p. ISBN-10: 0754661431; ISBN-13: 978-0754661436. [contents]
11. Wollenberg, Susan:   Music for connoisseurs and amateurs: C.P.E. Bach and the Keyboard. [p]1ICHKM_Edinburgh (Jul 2011) Paper read at The 1st International Conference on Historical Keyboard Music, 1-3 July 2011 at University of Edinburgh.
12. Wollenberg, Susan:   Music for connoisseurs and amateurs: C.P.E. Bach and the Keyboard. In: Andrew Woolley and John Kitchen (eds.), Interpreting historical keyboard music: Sources, contexts and performance (Farnham: Ashgate, 2013) 328p. ISBN: 978-1-4094-6428-0. pp. 193-208.
13. Wollenberg, Susan:   A new look at C.P.E. Bach's musical jokes. [ce]Late18cComposers_CPEB (2015), 219-238. Repr. from in Stephen L. Clark (ed.), C.P.E. Bach Studies, Oxford: Clarendon Press (1988), pp. 295-314.

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