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1. Wade, Rachel W.:   Authenticity Problems in the Concertos of C. P. E. Bach. [p]AMS_Minneapolis (Oct 1978)
2. Wade, Rachel W.:   The Keyboard Concertos of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Sources and Style. diss. (1979), 511p
3. Wade, Rachel W. (ed.):   The Catalog of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's Estate: a Facsimile of the Edition by Schniebes, Hamburg, 1790. (1981), 194p
4. Wade, Rachel W.:   The keyboard concertos of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. StudMcol 48 (1981), xvii, 360p
5. Wade, Rachel W.:   Filiation and the Editing of Revised and Alternate Versions: Implications for the C. P. E. Bach Edition. [ce]CPEBachStud (1988), 277-294
6. Wade, Rachel W.:   Newly found works of C.P.E. Bach. EarlyM 16/4 (Nov 1988), 523-532
7. Wade, Rachel W.:   The Music of C. P. E. Bach: Lost and Found. [p]AMS_Baltimore (Nov 1988)
8. Wade, Rachel W.:   Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, the Restless Composer. VeröffJoachimJungiusGWiss 62 (1990), 175-188
9. Wade, Rachel W.:   The Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Edition. MLetters 73/3 (Aug 1992), 510-511
10. Wade, Rachel W.:   The Controlled Editions of C.P.E. Bach's Music. [p]AMS_Capital (Oct 1994)
11. Wade, Rachel W.:   Autorisierte und nicht autorisierte Ausgaben der Musik von C.P.E. Bach. CPEBachKonzepteSR 2 (1998), 291-305
12. Wade, Rachel W.:   Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach als Musikdirektor in Hamburg. CPEBachKonzepteSR 3/1 (2001), 69-84

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