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1. Uhl, Danny John:   Articulation in the Performance of the Subjects of J. S. Bach's Organ fugues: a Study of Melody and Rhythm. diss. (1979)
2. Higuchi, Ryuichi:   Johann Sebastian Bachs Kirchenkantaten zu Trauerfeiern und zu anderen nicht an das Kirchenjahr gebundenen Bestimmungen. Edition und kritischer Bericht. diss. (1979)
3. Wicker, Vernon:   Solo Cantatas for Bass by Christoph Graupner. diss. (1979)
4. Schultz, John Ahern:   The soli-tutti concept in the choral works of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1979), 161p
5. Asmus, Jürgen:   Die langsamen Sätze der Sonaten für Violine und obligates Cembalo (BWV 1014-1019): Ein Beitrag zur Sonatenkonzeption J. S. Bachs. diss. (1979), 172p, 12p
6. Thomas, Robert Jay:   The Preludes and fugues, opus 87 of Dmitri Shostakovich. diss. (1979), 212p
7. Eder, Terry Edward:   A conductor's guide to the performance of cantata no 21, 'Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis', by Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1979), 247p
8. Szeskus, Reinhard:   Die musikalische Thematik in den Choralkantaten Johann Sebastian Bachs: Quellen, Gestalt und Entwicklung; eine stilkritische Studie. diss. (1979), 250p
9. Fjerstad, Helen Luvaas:   A chronology of J. S. Bach's organ fugues by external and stylistic evidence. diss. (1979), 258p
10. Sherwood, Anne Kathryn:   Two Keyboard Sonatas of Johann Christian Bach and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: A Historical Perspective. diss. (1979), 35p
11. Wade, Rachel W.:   The Keyboard Concertos of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Sources and Style. diss. (1979), 511p
12. Ward, Lois Janette:   A Bassoon Performance Edition of Three Suites for Violincello [sic] Solo (BWV 1007-1009) by Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1979), iv, 75p
13. Schwarze, Penny S.:   Bach's cantata movements borrowed from his instrumental works. diss. (1979), xi, 174p
14. Todd, Ralph Larry:   The Instrumental Music of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Selected Studies based on Primary Sources. diss. (1979), xii, 544p
15. Smith, Mark Mervyn:   The violoncello with special reference to Bach's 6 suites for violincello unaccompanied. diss. (1979-80)

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