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1. Talle, Andrew:   Ein unbekanntes Buch zur Erziehung der Kinder 'nebst einem Anhang von MUSIC und Tantzen' von 1711. JbKonfMittDBarockM 2000 (2001), 143-157.
2. Talle, Andrew:   Music 'zur Gemüths Ergötzung,' 1660-1760. [p]ABS_Houston (Apr 2002) A paper read at Biennial Meeting of the American Bach Society, April 26-28, 2002 at University of Houston, Rice University Houston, TX. 'J. S. Bach: Liturgy--Music--Theology.'
3. Talle, Andrew:   Anmerkungen zu der soziokulturelle Hintergrund von Bachs Clavier-Übung I. [p]BS_Dortmund (Jan-Feb 2002) A paper read at 4. Internationalen Dortmunder Bach-Symposion. 'Bachs Musik für Tasteninstrumente im Kontext der europäischen Musik' 30. Januar bis 2. Februar 2002.
4. Talle, Andrew:   Nürnberg, Darmstadt, Köthen -- Neuerkenntnisse zur Bach-Überlieferung in der ersten Hälfte des 18. Jahrhunderts. BachJb 89 (2003), 143-172.
5. Talle, Andrew James:   J. S. Bach's Keyboard Partitas and Their Early Audience. diss. (2003), viii, 307 Bl. PhD diss. Harvard University, 2003. viii, 307 Bl. - Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms International, 2003. 307p. ISBN: 0-496-54266-4. UMI No. 3106701.
6. Talle, Andrew:   Zum Vertrieb und Adressatenkreis von Bachs Clavier-Übung, Opus 1. DortmundBachF 6 (2003), 213-222.
7. Talle, Andrew:   'Der Kayser aus Köthen'. Zum 300. Geburtstag eines wiederentdeckten Bach-Schülers. CöthenerBachH 13 (2006), 13-32.
8. Talle, Andrew:   Two Catholic Bach Enthusiasts from Eighteenth-Century Fulda: Johann Heinrich Fischer and Fructuosus Roeder. [p]ABS_Leipzig (May 2006) A paper read at the Biennial Meeting of the American Bach Society, Leipzig, May 11-13, 2006: 'Bach Crossing Borders'. Abstract published in BachNotesABS, 5 (Spring, 2006), p. 10.
9. Talle, Andrew:   The Musical Lives of Two Teenage Countesses in Darmstadt, 1742-1744. [p]AMS_Quebec (Nov 2007) A paper read at the Annual meeting of American Musicological Society in Quebec City, 1-4 November 2007.
10. Talle, Andrew:   A Print of Clavierübung I from J.S. Bach's Personal Library. [ce]AboutBach (2008), 157-168.
11. Talle, Andrew:   Private Music-Making in Bach's Leipzig. [cr]Leipzig2008 Programmbuch (2008), 99. Abstract.
12. Talle, Andrew:   Women as Performers of Bach's Keyboard Music in the 18th Century. [p]Women_Yale (Oct 2009) A paper read at conference 'Poets, Mothers, and Performers: Considering Women's Impact on the Music of Johann Sebastian Bach' held at Yale Institute of Sacred Music, USA, on October 16-18, 2009.
13. Talle, Andrew:   'Bach and His German Contemporaries' -- Biennial Meeting of the American Bach Society ; University of Wisconsin ; Madison, May 709, 2010. BachNotesABS 13 (Fall 2010), 4-6. Conference Reports.
14. Talle, Andrew:   A New Look at 'Sperontes Singende Muse an der Pleiße'. [p]ABS_Wisconsin (May 2010) A Paper read at the Biennial Meeting of the American Bach Society 'BACH AND HIS GERMAN CONTEMPORARIES', May 7-9, 2010, University of Wisconsin-Madison
15. Talle, Andrew:   Bach and His German Contemporaries. University of Wisconsin at Madison, 7–9 May 2010. 18cM 8/1 (Mar 2011), 165-167. Communications
16. Talle, Andrew:   Die 'kleine Wirthschafft Rechnung' von Carl August Hartung. BachJb 97 (2011), 51-80.
17. Talle, Andrew:   Audience Behaviour at Concerts in the 1740s. BachNotesABS 15 (Fall 2011), 4-6.
18. [Talle, Andrew]:   In Memoriam: Blanche Honneger Moyse (September 23, 1909-February 15, 2011) BachNotesABS 15 (Fall 2011), 7.
19. [Talle, Andrew]:   The ABS Biennial Meeting: Bach and the Organ. Program Overview - Abstracts. BachNotesABS 16 (Spring 2012), 6-11.
20. Talle, Andrew:   The Daily Life of an Organist in Bach's Germany. [p]AMS_NewOrleans (Nov 2012) A paper read in a session 'Making a Musical Living in Baroque Germany' (chair Alexander Fisher) at the joint meetings of the American Musicological Society 78th Annual Meeting, Society for Ethnomusicology 57th Annual Meeting and Society for Music Theory 35th Annual Meeting from 29 October-4 November 2012 in New Orleans, LA.
21. [Talle, Andrew]:   Sir John Eliot Gardiner and Dr. Peter Wollny to Lead the Bach Archive Leipzig from 2014. BachNotesABS 19 (Fall 2013), 1-2.
22. [Talle, Andrew]:   Conferences and Festivals Celebrating Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach in 2014. BachNotesABS 19 (Fall 2013), 5.
23. [Talle, Andrew]:   The Earliest Manuscript Copy of Bach's Keyboard Partita in C Minor (BWV 826). BachNotesABS 19 (Fall 2013), 6-7.
24. Talle, Andrew:   Bach, Graupner, and the Rest of Their Contented Contemporaries. BachPerspectives 9 (2013), 50-76.
25. Talle, Andrew (ed.):   J. S. Bach and His German Contemporaries. Edited by Andrew Talle. - Urbana, Chicago and Springfield: University of Illinois Press, 2013. viii, 151p. ISBN: 978-0-252-03813-6. (= Bach Perspectives, 9) [contents]
26. [Talle, Andrew]:   Johann Sebastian Bach and His Sons: Kenyon College, May 1-4, 2014. BachNotesABS 20 (Spring 2014), 1-6.
27. Talle, Andrew:   American Bach Society biennial meeting: Johann Sebastian Bach and his sons: Kenyon College (1–4 May 2014). 18cM 12/1 (Mar 2015), 133-135.
28. Talle, Andrew (ed.):   Sechs Suiten für Violoncello Solo: BWV 1007-1012 / Johann Sebastian Bach. Herausgegeben von Andrew Talle; Synoptisches Faksimile von Andrew Talle und Jungeun Elle Kim. 2 Bde. - Kassel [u.a.]: Bärenreiter, 2016. li, 61p, 339p Faks. Best.-Nr.: BA 5942-01. ISMN 979-0-006-54544-5. (= Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke ; Revidierte Edition / Johann Sebastian Bach. Hrsg. vom Bach-Archiv Leipzig, Bd. 4) [BWV 1007-1012]
29. Talle, Andrew:   Beyond Bach: Music and everyday life in the eighteenth century. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press, 2017. xiv, 343p. ISBN: 978-0-252-04084-9; 978-0-252-09934-2.
30. Talle, Andrew:   Courts. [ce]RoutledgeResearchCompanion (2017), 191-209. [Chapter 8] Part II: Contexts. [main headings: Courts at Which Bach Resided; Additional courts with Which Bach Had Contact; Directions for Future Research]
31. Talle, Andrew:   Who Was Anna Magdalena Bach? Bach 51/1 (2020), 139-171.
32. Talle, Andrew:   Wer war Anna Magdalena Bach? BachJb 106 (2020), 293-322. Besprechungen. Übersetzung: Stephanie Wollny.

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