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1. Golomb, Uri:   András Schiff/Philharmonia Orchestra: Johann Sebastian Bach, 2000. (Oct 2000)
2. Golomb, Uri:   The St. John Passion on stage. (Apr 2000)
3. Golomb, Uri:   Style, expression and performance in the second Kyrie of Bach's B minor Mass. [p]BCB_Dublin (Jul 2000)
4. Golomb, Uri:   Text, music and performative interpretation in Bach's cantata Ich habe genug. (Mar 2001)
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9. Golomb, Uri:   Rhetoric and Gesture in Performances of the 'First Kyrie' from Bach's Mass in B Minor (BWV 232). JMMeaning 3 (Fall-Winter 2004-05)
10. Golomb, Uri:   Performance in Theory and in Practice: Helmuth Rilling's Interpretations of Bach's B minor Mass. [p]SocMAnalysis_Manchester (Feb 2005)
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12. Golomb, Uri:   El drama litúrgico en la 'Pasión según San Mateo' de Bach / Liturgical drama in Bach's St. Matthew Passion. Goldberg 39 (Apr 2006), 48-59
13. Golomb, Uri:   Intensity, Complexity and Musical Rhetoric in Performances of the B-minor Mass. [cr]Belfast2007 1 (2007), 258-277
14. Golomb, Uri:   Los Oratorios de Bach / Bach's Oratorio. Goldberg 48 (Oct 2007), 58-71
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16. Golomb, Uri:   Rhetoric in the Performance of Baroque Music. (Apr 2008)
17. Golomb, Uri:   Understanding Bach's B-minor Mass: A Participant's Report / Comprender la Misa en Si menor de Bach: informe de un participante. Goldberg 49 (Jan 2008), 16
18. Golomb, Uri:   [Joshua Rifkin: Interview] Goldberg 51 (Jun 2008), 56-57
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22. Golomb, Uri; Cohen, Dalia:   The Crucifixus from Bach's B-minor Mass: The Reflection of the Work in Performance. [p]BICB_Belfast (Jul 2010)
23. Golomb, Uri:   Analysis, creativity, and musical rhetoric in performances of the duet Et in unum from Bach's B-minor Mass, BWV 232. MinAd 11/2 (2013), 22-40
24. Golomb, Uri:   The Passion Animated, Ritualised and Monumentalised: Expressive Engagement and Emotional Distance in Productions of Bach's Matthäus-Passion. [p]BICB_Salzburg (Jul 2014)
25. Golomb, Uri:   Doubting the Resurrection? Questions and dilemmas in performances of the first Et expecto from Bach's Mass in B minor. MPerformResearch 8 (2017), 55-79

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