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1. Elferen, Isabella van:   Musical expression of mystic love in Bach's vocal work. [p]IBS_Utrecht (Sep 2000)
2. Elferen, Isabella van:   The language of love. Baroque mystical love as an intertextual phenomenon. [p]ABS_Harvard (Apr 2001)
3. Elferen, Isabella van:   Theological symbolism of blood and tear metaphors in German baroque poetry and music. [p]CHB_Cambridge (Sep 2001)
4. Elferen, Isabella van:   The affection of love in arts and sciences of the German baroque. [p]RE_Manchester (May 2001)
5. Elferen, Isabella van:   'Sie creutzigen alle Sinne des Leibes!' Die lutherische Passionsbetrachtung als Affekttherapie. [p]IATB_Eisenach (Mar 2002)
6. Elferen, Isabella van:   Visuality in poetry and music of the early German baroque. [p]MVK_Groningen (Feb 2002)
7. Elferen, Isabella van:   Reading, seeing, hearing and feeling in Lutheran poetry and music of the German baroque. [p]Paragone_Utrecht (May 2002)
8. Elferen, Isabella van:   Blood and Tears in J.S. Bach's Passions. [p]BachsPassions_Miami (Feb-Mar 2003)
9. Elferen, Isabella van:   Mystische Liebe in Text und Musik der barocken Passionsbetrachtung. [p]WAfB_Wolfenbüttel (Apr 2003)
10. Elferen, Isabella van:   'Sie creutzigen alle Sinne des Leibes!' Multi-mediality, Consolatio Tragoediae and Lutheran Pedagogy in the German Baroque Passion Meditation. (2004), 121-143
11. Elferen, Isabella van:   'Recht bitter und doch süße': Textual and Musical Expression of Mystical Love in German Baroque Meditations of Christ's Passion. Bach 35/1 (2004), 1-28
12. Elferen, Isabella van:   'Seuffzen und Thränen': of sighs and tears in Bach's vocal works. [p]BICB_Manchester (Jul 2004)
13. Elferen, Isabella van:   Affective discourse in German baroque textbased music. TijdschrMtheorie 9/3 (Nov 2004), 217-236
14. Elferen, Isabella van:   Tears of Transgression. Crying, Sensitivity, and Performance in Musical Culture of the Empfindsamkeit. (Jan 2005)
15. Elferen, Isabella van:   'Let tears of blood run down your cheeks'. Floods of blood, tears and love in German baroque devotional literature and music. (2005)
16. Elferen, Isabella van:   Van Laura tot hemelse bruidegom: Mystieke liefde in poëzie en muziek van de Duitse barok. Incontri 20/1 (2005), 99-112
17. Elferen, Isabella van:   'Und ging hinaus, und weinete bitterlich': Music crossing Social Borders in C.P.E. Bach's Passions. [p]ABS_Leipzig (May 2006)
18. Elferen, Isabella van:   'Ihr Augen weint!' Intersubjective Tears in the Sentimental Concert Hall. UnderstandingBach 2 (2007), 77-94
19. Elferen, Isabella van:   The Hungry Soul: Communion Mystics and Physiology in J. S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion. Bach 40/1 (2009), 35-57
20. Elferen, Isabella van:   Mystical love in the German Baroque: theology, poetry, music. ContextBachStud 2 (2009), xxvi, 357p
21. Elferen, Isabella van:   'Recht bitter und doch süße'. Lutherse theologie en mystieke liefde in de Matthäus-Passion. [ce]GeheimenMatthausPassion (2010), 81-91
22. Elferen, Isabella van:   The Gothic Bach: Film, TV, Subculture ... and Liturgy. [p]BNUK_Edinburgh (Aug 2011)

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