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1. Davis, Stacey:   Implied polyphony in the unaccompanied string works of J.S. Bach: A rule system for discerning melodic strata. [cr]ESCOM_Keele (2000)
2. Davis, Stacey:   Implied Polyphony in the Unaccompanied String Works of J. S. Bach: Analysis, Perception, and Performance. diss. (2001), 266p
3. Davis, Stacey:   Implied Polyphony in the Solo String Works of J. S. Bach: A Case for the Perceptual Relevance of Structural Expression. MPerception 23/5 (Jun 2006), 423-446
4. Davis, Stacey:   Bring out the counterpoint: Exploring the relationship between implied polyphony and rubato in Bach's solo violin music. PsycholM 37/3 (Jul 2009), 301-324
5. Davis, Stacey:   Stream segregation and perceived syncopation: Analyzing the rhythmic effects of implied polyphony in Bach's unaccompanied string works. MTheoryOnline 17/1 (Apr 2011)
6. Davis, Stacey:   The Analysis and Performance of Implied Polyphony in Solo Bach. [p]BICB_Canterbury (Jul 2016)
7. Davis, Stacey:   Creating Clarity and Contrast: A Dialogue with Rachel Podger on the Analysis and Performance of Implied Polyphony in Bach's Unaccompanied Violin Works. UnderstandingBach 12 (2017), 59-84
8. Davis, Stacey:   Teaching Rhythm and Meter with the Moto Perpetuo Movements from Bach's Unaccompanied Instrumental Works. Bach 49/2 (2018), 311-329

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