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1. Cortens, Evan:   Theological Allegory in the Cantatas of J. S. Bach. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest (Mar-Apr 2006)
2. Cortens, Evan Philip:   The Installation Cantatas of C. P. E. Bach. diss. (2008), 124p
3. Cortens, Evan:   The Installation Cantatas of C. P. E. Bach. [p]AMS_NewEngland (Apr 2008)
4. Cortens, Evan:   Voices and Invoices: The Hamburg Vocal Ensemble of C. P. E. Bach. [p]AMS_GreaterNewYork (Apr 2009)
5. Cortens, Evan:   Wenn man an einem 'Instrumente Mangel' hat: Obbligato Organ in Cantatas of J. S. Bach. [p]Soc18cM_Brooklyn (Apr 2010)
6. Cortens, Evan:   Johann Samuel Schroeter (c. 1752-1788). Soc18cMNL 17 (Sep 2010-Apr 2011), 1,12
7. Cortens, Evan:   Johann Samuel Schroeter and the English Piano Concerto. Soc18cMNL 18 (Oct 2011), 4-6
8. Cortens, Evan:   Distracted Fragments: J. C. Bach's Temistocle in Mannheim. Soc18cMNL 20 (Oct 2012), 4-7
9. Cortens, Evan:   The sacred cantatas of Christoph Graupner: Music at the intersection of opera and theology. (2014), 307p
10. Cortens, Evan:   'Ein Musikdirector hat an einem Instrumente Mangel': Obbligato organ in the Bach cantatas. [cr]Brooklyn2010 (2014), 52-77
11. Cortens, Evan:   'Durch die Music gleichsam lebendig vorgestellet': Graupner, Bach, and Mein Herz schwimmt im Blut. Bach 46/1 (2015), 74-110
12. Cortens, Evan:   From the divine to the diapason: Bach in his religious and instrumental context. KeyboardPerspectives 9 (2016), 159-168
13. Cortens, Evan:   Voices and Invoices: The Hamburg Vocal Ensemble of C. P. E. Bach. BachPerspectives 11 (2017), 113-131
14. Cortens, Evan:   A Passion Cycle and a Set of Epiphany Cantatas by Christoph Graupner. BachNotesABS 32 (Spring 2020), 7-11
15. Cortens, Evan (ed.):   Passion according to St. Mark (1782) / Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. CPEBachCW 4/ 5.4 (2020), xxx, 87p

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