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1. Bertling, Rebekka:   Das Arioso und das ariose Accompagnato im Vokalwerk J. S. Bachs. diss. (1990) Dissertation Universität Kiel 1990.
2. Fellmann, Peter:   Orchestersuiten der Bach-Zeit. diss. (1990) PhD diss., Musicology, Bochum. 1990
3. Boresch, Hans-Werner:   Studien zur Instrumentation Johann Sebastian Bachs. diss. (1990) PhD diss., Musicology, Wuppertal, 1990.
4. Cano, Gines-Didier:   Johann Sebastian Bach Concerti in E major and F minor (BWV 1052 and 1056) Restructured as Bassoon Concerti. diss. (1990) DMA document, Manhattan School of Music, 1990. OCLC#: 22959342
5. Nash, Laura Roderic:   Aspects of an Evolving Tonal Language: A Study of Chorale-Based Compositions by the Leipzig Thomaskirche Cantors, 1618-1722. diss. (1990) PhD diss., Music Theory, Yale University, 1990.
6. Dallaire, Charles Joseph Mario:   The clarinet in solo, chamber, and concerto repertoire. diss. (1990), 115p. PhD, Concordia University, 1990. 115p.
7. Allred, Brady Russell:   Mozart’s Grand mass in C minor: historical perspective, analysis, and performance. diss. (1990), 128 leaves. DMA diss., University of Rochester, 1990. 128 leaves.
8. Poglitsch, Michael:   Aufführungspraktische Untersuchungen zur Motette 'Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied' (BWV 225) von Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1990), 128p. Diplom-Arbeit. Wien: Hochschule für Musik und Darst. Kunst 1990. 128p.
9. Barnett, Joan:   Wilhelm Friedemann Bach: An analytical study of selected solo keyboard works. diss. (1990), 136p. MA diss, Music: Brigham Young University, 1990. 136p.
10. Krupina, Larisa:   Principy polifoniceskogo golosovedenija v instrumental'nyh fugah I.S. Baha. diss. (1990), 15p. [Principles of vocal part writing in J.S. Bach's instrumental fugues] PhD, Teorija muzyki: Gosudarstvennaja Konservatorija, Kyjiv, 1990. 15p.
11. Maltbey, Kathleen M.:   The Diversity of Contrapuntal Writing Illustrating Rigorous to Casual Application of Fugal Practices in Selected Cantatas of J. S. Bach. diss. (1990), 168p. DMA, Choral conducting. University of Cincinnati, 1990, 168p
12. Wolf, Hans-Peter:   Die Auswertung der Positionen zur Bach-Rezeption in der DDR. diss. (1990), 182p. Dissertation Halle (Saale): Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg 1990. 182p
13. Long, Pamela H.:   El caracol: Music in the works of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. diss. (1990), 201p. PhD, Tulane University, 1990. 201p.
14. Märker, Michael:   Die protestantische Dialogkomposition in Deutschland zwischen Heinrich Schütz und Johann Sebastian Bach. Eine stilkritische Studie. diss. (1990), 209p. Diss. B Leipzig: Karl-Marx-Universität, 1990. 209p.
15. Sweger, Keith Warren:   The bassoon concertos of Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782): A historical, stylistic, and performance analysis. diss. (1990), 230p. DMA, Music: University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1990. 230p.
16. Cline, Gilbert D.:   The cornetto: A guide toward performance, within historical context, indicating the use of the recorder as a companion instrument. diss. (1990), 295p. DMA diss., University of Oregon, 1990. 295p.
17. Beißwenger, Kirsten:   Johann Sebastian Bachs Notenbibliothek. diss. (1990), 391p. PhD diss. Göttingen 1990. 391p. Typescript.
18. Yun, Sung-Hyun:   Warren Benson's The leaves are falling for wind ensemble. diss. (1990), 99p. PhD, University of Rochester, Eastman School of Music, 1990. 99p. [BWV 80]
19. Rossin, Thomas Donald:   The Calov Bible of Johann Sebastian Bach. An Analysis of the Composer's Markings. diss. (1990), iv, 311p. PhD diss., Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, 1990. iv, 311p. typescript. UMI DA9231075
20. Dowdle, Caroline:   Bach's Goldberg variations: A study of technical and stylistic transferences to the piano. diss. (1990), vii, 96p. MMus diss., University of Cape Town, 1990. vii, 96p.
21. Tomita, Yo:   J. S. Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II: A Study of its Aim, Historical Significance and Compiling Process. diss. (1990), xv, 317, 88, 608, 45p. PhD diss., Leeds University, 1990. xv, 317p. Supplements: A - 88p; B - 608p; C - 45p.

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