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1. Williams, Peter J.:   The performance of dotted rhythms and upbeat figures in J. S. Bach with particular reference to his organ music. diss. (1977) MA diss., University of Leeds, 1977.
2. Meffen, John:   The Temperament of Keyboard Instruments in England from the Virginalists to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century. diss. (1977) PhD diss., Univ. of Leeds, 1977.
3. Kianto, Mervi:   Bach-tulkinta tyylin ja tradition valossa: J. S. Bachin Das Wohltemperierte Klavier II:n preludien ja fuugien n:o 17-24 pianotulkintojen vertailua. diss. (1977) Helsinki: Helsingin yliopisto, 1977. [Pro gradu -tutkielma: Helsingin yliopisto, Musiikkitieteen laitos]
4. Häcker, Werner:   Erbeadaption im Sozialismus. Das B-A-C-H-Motiv im Musikschaffen der DDR. diss. (1977), 102p. Diplomarbeit. Berlin: Humboldt-Universität 1977. 102p.
5. Matthews, Joseph:   Busoni's contributions to piano pedagogy. diss. (1977), 120p. DMA diss., Piano literature and pedagogy: Indiana University, 1977. 120p.
6. Domizlaff, Ilse:   Sammeln, Ordnen, Vermitteln - die 1972 neu konzipierte Gestaltung und Arbeitsweise des Bachhauses Eisenach. diss. (1977), 127p. Diplomarbeit. Leipzig: Karl-Marx-Universität 1977, 127p. [type-script]
7. Schulze, Hans-Joachim:   Studien zur Bach-Überlieferung im 18. Jahrhundert. diss. (1977), 180p. Univ. of Rostock, 1977. 178 Bl, 2 Bl.
8. Denton, John William:   The Use of Oboes in the Church Cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1977), 214p. Indiana State University, Terre Haute: Eastman School of Music, 1977. 214p.
9. Seaton, Stuart Douglass:   A Study of a Collection of Mendelssohn's Sketches and Other Autograph Material: Deutsche Staatsbibliothek Berlin, Mus. Ms. Autogr. Mendelssohn 19. diss. (1977), 256p. PhD diss., Columbia University. 1977. 256 leaves. - Photocopy of typescript. Ann Arbor, Mich.: UMI, 1987.
10. Magee, Noel Howard:   Anton Reicha as theorist. diss. (1977), 276p. PhD diss., Music theory: University of Iowa, 1977. 276p.
11. Butir, L. M.:   Instrumental'nyi koncert v tvorèestve I. S. Bacha. diss. (1977), 27p. [Das Instrumentalkonzert im Schaffen J. S. Bachs] - Dissertation. Leningrad 1977. 212p. With music examples. Latin 2
12. Moroni, Federico:   Il settecento clavicembalistico italiano e suoi rapporti con il movimento musicale europeo. diss. (1977), 283p. [The art of the harpsichord in Italy in the 18th century and its relations with European musical development.] MA diss.: Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano, 1977. 283p
13. Davis, William Jerryl:   A study of the solo and chamber literature for the oboe d'amore from 1720-c.1760 with modern performance editions of select unpublished works. diss. (1977), 290p. DMA diss., Performance and music literature: Eastman School of Music, 1977. 290 p.
14. Kirk, Elise Kuhl:   The chamber music of Charles Koechlin (1867-1950). diss. (1977), 411p. PhD diss., Musicology: Catholic University of America, 1977. 411p
15. Curtis, Robert Lee:   Ludwig Bischoff: a mid-nineteenth-century music critic. diss. (1977), 442p. PhD diss., Musicology: University of Texas, 1977. 442 p.
16. Towndrow, Sharon Louise:   The melodic minor scale in selected works of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1977), 50p. MA diss., Music Theory. Texas Tech University, 1977. 50p
17. Urban, Darrell Eugene:   Stromenti da tirarsi in the Cantatas of J. S. Bach. I: The Tromba da tirarsi. II: The Corno da tirarsi. diss. (1977), 643p. Ed.D., diss. St. Louis: Washington Univ, 1977. 643p.
18. Kolczynski, Charlotte Ann:   The eighteenth-century transverse flute: literature, structure and performance practices. diss. (1977), 93p. MM diss., Music history: State University Colledge, Potsdam, N.Y., 1977. 93p.
19. Brandes, Jeffrey Harold:   The Organ as an Ensemble Instrument: Concerto Techniques in the Sinfonia of Cantata BWV 169 by Johann Sebastian Bach, Concerto for Organ and Chamber Orchestra, op.46, No.2, by Paul Hindemith, and Organ Concerto in G minor by Francis Poulenc. diss. (1977), 94p. Dissertation - Ohio State University 1977. 94p.
20. Keahey, Delores Jerde:   The Genoa Manuscripts: Recently Rediscovered Trios of Johann Christian Bach. diss. (1977), xvii, 602p. PhD diss., Musicology, University of Texas, 1977. xvii, 602 p.
21. Hays, E. L.:   F. W. Marpurg's 'Anleitung zum Clavierspielen' (Berlin, 1755) and 'Principes du clavecin' (Berlin, 1756): translation and commentary. diss. (1977), xviii, 309; vi, 351p. PhD diss., Stanford University, 1977. 2v. xviii, 309; vi, 351 p.

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