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1. Hofman-Jablan, Jadranka:   Simetrijska analiza elemenata i strukture muzickog dela. diss. (1995) [The symmetric analysis of the elements and structure of a musical composition] PhD diss., Musicology: Akademija Umetnosti, Novi Sad, 1995. [BWV 846/1]
2. Reid, Andrew:   Keys and behavioural trends: An investigation into the relationship between choice of key and compositional strategies in the cantatas of J.S. Bach. diss. (1995) MPhil thesis, U. of Cambridge, 1995.
3. Langdown, Christopher:   Sviatoslav Richter's interpretative response to J.S. Bach: A selective study. diss. (1995) MMus diss., Royal College of Music, London, 1995.
4. Matyl, Ulrich:   Die Choralbearbeitung für Orgel im Umkreis der Schüler J. S. Bachs. diss. (1995) PhD diss., Musicology, Westfalische Wilhelms-U. Münster. 1995.
5. Scheibe, Beate:   Bachs Weimarer Orgelbüchlein. Studien zu ausgewählten Beispielen. diss. (1995) Magisterarbeit Kiel 1995, maschinenschr.
6. du Plooy, Jacobus Stephanus:   The role of the cadence as determining factor of phrasing of the organ toccatas, preludes and fantasias of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1995) MM thesis, Rhodes U., 1995.
7. Leite, Zilei de Oliveira:   Applications of Reductive Analytical Techniques in the Phrygian Settings of the 'Orgelbuechlein' by Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1995), 116p. MM diss., University of North Texas, 1995. 116p
8. Wilde, Alessio John:   Per un'interpretazione dei 14 canoni di Bach BWV 1087: implicazioni didattiche e ideologiche. diss. (1995), 150p. [Towards an interpretation of Johann Sebastian Bach's 14 canons BWV 1087: Didactic and ideological implications] Cremona: Scuola di Paleografia e Filologia Musicale dell'Universita di Pavia, a.a. 1994-1995, 150p
9. Roby, Lloyd:   Research and transcription procedures to provide additional literature for trombone quartet. diss. (1995), 153p. DM doc., Music: Indiana U., 1995. 153 p.
10. Daele, Erna Bertha Eugeen van:   Instrumentation and structure in Anton Webern's orchestration of the Ricercar A 6 from Johann Sebastian Bach's 'Musical Offering'. diss. (1995), 156p. MM diss., The University of Western Ontario, 1995. 156p.
11. Dressler, Oscar Hugo:   A Performer's Analysis of Selected Compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach, Frederic Chopin, and Alberto Ginastera. diss. (1995), 165p. DMA diss., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 1995. 165p. [see DissAbstracts p. 2896]
12. Shepherd, Richard Charles:   The emergence of a pivotal role for the thumb in keyboard fingering during the early eighteenth century and its subsequent impact on pianistic idiom. diss. (1995), 166p. DMA doc., U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1995. 166p. UMI No. DA9543720.
13. Kim, Hee-Sung:   Written-Out Ornaments in J. S. Bach's Organ Music as a Model for Improvised Ornamentation. diss. (1995), 170p. DMA diss., University of Texas at Austin, 1995. 170p
14. Watchorn, Peter:   A Performer's Guide to the 'English Suites' of J. S. Bach, BWV 806-811. diss. (1995), 170p. Boston University, 1995. 170p. UMI No. DA9533140
15. Singley, Henry Ellis, III:   A Performer's Study of Three Multimovement Organ Compositions Representing Eighteenth-Century France, Eighteenth-Century Germany, and Twentiety-Century France: Boyvin, Bach and Duruflé. diss. (1995), 178p. DMA diss., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 1995. x, 178p. [see DissAbstracts p. 2902]
16. Kao, Phyllis Shu:   Affective Gesture in J. S. Bach's Keyboard Music with Special Reference to Selected Works in D Minor. diss. (1995), 186p. by Phillis Shu KAO. MPhil diss., University of Hong Kong, 1995. v, 178p.
17. Genova, Gina:   Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's 'Neue Lieder-Melodien Nebst Einer Kantate Zum Singen Beym Klavier' (1789) and the development of the German Lied. diss. (1995), 228p. MM diss., The University of Arizona, 1995. 228p.
18. Poile, David:   Rhythmic Conflicts in the Keyboard Music of J.S. Bach: A Problem of Binary Against Ternary Rhythms. diss. (1995), 236p. Doctoral diss., Evanston, Illinois: Northwestern University, 1995. 1 vol., typescript, 236p.
19. Mortensen, John Joseph:   Thirty-Two Transcriptions for Piano of Organ Chorales of J. S. Bach. diss. (1995), 237p. DMA diss., Univ. of Maryland at College Park, 1995. 237p
20. Didenko, Nadezda:   Formirovanie instrumental'noj faktury v organnoj muzyke Germanii XV-XVIII vekov. diss. (1995), 24p. [The development of instrumental texture in German organ music of the 15th to 18th centuries] MA thesis, Teorija muzyki: Rostovskaja Konservatorija im. S. Rahmaninova, 1995. 24 p.
21. Kudrjasov, Andrej:   Ispolnitel'skaja interpretacija muzykal'nogo proizvedenija v istoriko-stilevoj evoljucii: Teorija voprosa i analiz ispolnenij Horosho temperirovannogo klavira I.S. Baha. diss. (1995), 26p. [Performative interpretation of the musical composition in historical-stylistic evolution: Theoretical framework and performance analysis of J.S. Bach's Das wohltemperirte Clavier] PhD diss., Performance practice: Rossijskaja Akademija Muzyki im. Gnesnyh, 1995. 26 p.
22. Mautner, Martin-Christian:   'Mach einmal mein Ende gut'. Zur Sterbekunst in den Kantaten Johann Sebastian Bachs zum 16. Sonntag nach Trinitatis. diss. (1995), 349p. Dissertation Heidelberg: Universität. 1995. 349p. [BWV 161, 95, 8, and 27]
23. Faulstich, Bettina:   Die Musikaliensammlung der Familie von Voß: Ein Beitrag zur Berliner Musikgeschichte um 1800. diss. (1995), 586p. PhD diss., Georg-August-U. Gottingen, 1995. 586 p.
24. Eli, Markus:   Die Markus-Passion von Reinhard Keiser und ihre Aufführungen unter Bach in Leipzig. diss. (1995), 60p. [Mag.-arb. Ludwig-Max.-Universität München]. - München. 1995. 53p, 60p.
25. Gluckman, Isidore B.:   A Comparative Study of Five Piano Works by Bach, Beethoven and Liszt. diss. (1995), 71p. MA diss., San Jose State University, 1995. 71p
26. Barte, Paul Thomas:   The keyboard manuscripts of Johann Christoph Bach, cantor in Gehren. diss. (1995), 821p. DMA doc., U. of Rochester, Eastman School of Music, 1995. 821p. UMI No. DA9531378.
27. Holst, Robert Inar:   Toward a stylistic history of the north German 'cantata' in the second half of the seventeenth century. diss. (1995), 970p. PhD diss., U. of Chicago, 1995. 970p. UMI No. DA9542720.
28. Mercer-Taylor, Peter Jameson:   Mendelssohn and the musical discourse of the German Restoration. diss. (1995), iv, 343p. PhD diss., University of California, Berkeley, 1995. iv, 343p. - Ann Arbor: UMI, 1995.
29. Head, Matthew William:   Fantasy in the Instrumental Music of C. P. E. Bach. diss. (1995), v, 276p. PhD diss., Musicology, Yale University, 1995. v, 276p
30. Krumbholz, Gerald Antone:   Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg's Abhandlung von der Fuge (1753-1754). diss. (1995), viii, 245p. PhD diss., Univ. of Rochester, Eastman School of Music, 1995, viii, 245p. UMI No. DA9527824
31. Milner, Scott Carroll:   The Blessed Death in the Church Cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. (1995), xi, 357p. PhD diss. Brandeis University, 1995. xi, 357p
32. Young, Harmon Griffith III.:   The Sacred Choral Music of Dave Brubeck: A Historical, Analytical, and Critical Examination. diss. (1995), xii, 370p. PhD diss., Music History, University of Florida, 1995. xii, 370 p.
33. Powers, Doris Bosworth:   Johann Nikolaus Forkel's Philosophy of Music in the Einleitung to Volume One of the Allgemeine Geschichte der Musik (1788): A Translation and Commentary with a Glossary of Eighteenth-Century Terms. diss. (1995), xiii, 472 p. PhD diss., Musicology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1995. xiii, 472 p
34. Petty, Wayne Christopher:   Compositional Techniques in the Keyboard Sonatas of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Reimagining the Foundations of a Musical Style. diss (1995), xiv, 572p. PhD diss., Music Theory, Yale University, 1995. 2 vols., xiv, 572 p.
35. Hunt, Janet Evelyn:   The harpsichord concertos of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. A Lecture Recital, together with Three Recitals of Selected Works of J. S. Bach, W. F. Bach, D. Scarlatti, F. Couperin, J. J. Froberger, G. Ligeti, W. Byrd, and Others. diss. (1995), xv, 122p. DMA doc., Univ. of North Texas, 1995. xv, 122p. UMI No. DA9529923
36. Haynes, Bruce:   Pitch Standards in the Baroque and Classical Periods. diss. (1995), xxxiv, 644p. PhD diss., Musicology, University of Montreal, 1995. 2 vols., xxxiv, 644 p

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