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Series : UnderstandingBach
Volume : 12
Year : 2017
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1. Crist, Stephen A.:   A Compositional Testing Ground: Arias in J. S. Bach's Weimar Church Cantatas. UnderstandingBach 12 (2017), 9-20.
2. Fazekas, Gergely:   Formal Deviations in the First Kyrie of the B minor Mass. UnderstandingBach 12 (2017), 21-36.
3. Maul, Michael:   'Having to perform and direct the music in the Capellmeister's stead for two whole years': Observations on How Bach Understood His Post during the 1740s. UnderstandingBach 12 (2017), 37-58. Trans. Barbara M. Reul.
4. Davis, Stacey:   Creating Clarity and Contrast: A Dialogue with Rachel Podger on the Analysis and Performance of Implied Polyphony in Bach's Unaccompanied Violin Works. UnderstandingBach 12 (2017), 59-84.
5. White, Harry:   Evangelists of the Postmodern: Reconfigurations of Bach since 1985. UnderstandingBach 12 (2017), 85-107.
6. Heber, Noelle:   Bach and Money: Sources of Salary and Supplemental Income in Leipzig from 1723 to 1750. UnderstandingBach 12 (2017), 111-125. Young Scholars' Forum.
7. French, Hannah:   Bach's Unsung Champion: Sir Henry J. Wood. UnderstandingBach 12 (2017), 126-132. Young Scholars' Forum.

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