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Series : Harmonicon
Volume : 8
Year : 1830
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1. T., J.:   Notes of a Musical Tourist. Harmonicon 8/ 1 (Jan 1830), 5-7. To the Editor of the Harmonicon. Edinburgh, Nov. 23, 1829. [... I heard likewise a MS. Mass by Seb. Bach, in the severe style that characterises the works of that great man. Some of the choruses are wonderfully fine,--abounding in superb crashes of harmony, or in the intricacies of strict fugue. The solos, trios, and quartetts, likewise, partook of the same elevated character. I was so struck with the exquisite beauty and pathos of one of the quartetts, a Crucifixus, that I procured a copy of it; and I now send it to you for the pages of the Harmonicon, if at all within the design of the work, as affording at once a specimen of Bach's wonderful powers of harmony (the whole movement being written on four bars), and of what the students are capable of performing. ...]
2. G., J.:   On the Clavichord. Harmonicon 8/ 1 (Jan 1830), 13. To the Editor of the Harmonicon. Soho Square, Dec. 17th.
3. [anon.]:   J. S. Bach's oratorio of the Passion, and Mozart's Entführung aus dem Serail. Berlin, August, 1830. Harmonicon 8/10 (Oct 1830), 420-421.

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