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1. [Steinitz, Margaret]:   London Bach Society's Bachfest'07 11-20 November. BachNotesLBS (Sep 2007), [1-2]
2. [Steinitz, Margaret]:   [Bach in Arnstadt.] BachNotesLBS (Mar 2007), [1]
3. [Steinitz, Margaret]:   Margaret Steinitz awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. BachNotesLBS (Mar 2007), [2]
4. [Steinitz, Margaret]:   JSB - an 'icon' for the 21st century? Thoughts on the 'Glyndebourne St. Matthew'. BachNotesLBS (Sep 2007), [3-4]
5. Steinitz, Margaret:   London Bach Society's Bachfest. BachNotesLBS (Mar 2007), [3]
6. Steinitz, Margaret:   LBS joins Youthbridge Dancing to Bach -- a Bachfest'06 retro. BachNotesLBS (Mar 2007), [4]
7. Strohm, Reinhard; Butt, John; Dreyfus, Laurence; Tatlow, Ruth:   Bach Network UK -- latest report: New Directions in Bach Studies: Second J S Bach Dialogue Meeting [9-10 December 2006 in Oxford] BachNotesLBS (Mar 2007), [5]
8. [Steinitz, Margaret]:   New Discoveries found at Weimar: Earliest Music Manuscripts written in Bach's own hand recently unearthed. BachNotesLBS (Mar 2007), [6]
9. [Steinitz, Margaret]:   Forum Thomanum. BachNotesLBS (Mar 2007), [6]

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