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1. Kiralina, Juzhak:   Von der frühesten Version des Wohltemperierten Klaviers Bachs zum Bewusstwerden der Fuge als Allzweckform. [p]IMS_Leuven (Aug 2002)
2. Spitzer, Michael:   Mediating conceptual metaphor and poetics: how to hear imagery in Bach. [p]IMS_Leuven (Aug 2002)
3. Synofzik, Thomas:   Inventio and aemulatio: The Two-Part Inventions of Bach's Pupil Heinrich Nicolaus Gerber. [p]IMS_Leuven (Aug 2002)
4. Tomita, Yo; Fujinami, Tsutomu:   Managing a text-critical database of J.S. Bach's 'Well-Tempered Clavier II' with XML and a relational database. [p]IMS_Leuven (Aug 2002)
5. Kerman, Joseph:   Deconstructing a Bach fugue. [p]IMS_Leuven (Aug 2002)
6. Ferris, David:   'Welcher Fantast ich war': C.P.E. Bach's composed improvisations. [p]IMS_Leuven (Aug 2002)
7. Szabó-Knotik, Cornelia:   Globalizing Bach: classical music, commerce, the media, and blind ownership. [p]IMS_Leuven (Aug 2002)
8. Hennion, Antoine:   Ecouter, c'est refaire ce qu'on écoute: comment musiciens, critiques, amateurs et public ont créé leur Bach, en France au XIXe siècle? [p]IMS_Leuven (Aug 2002)
9. Yu, Zhi-Gang:   Bach Studies in China. [p]IMS_Leuven (Aug 2002)
10. Berg, Darrell M.:   C.P.E. Bach's Solo keyboard works in the Berlin Sing-Akademie. [p]IMS_Leuven (Aug 2002)
11. Wollny, Peter:   C.P.E. Bach's instrumental ensemble music. [p]IMS_Leuven (Aug 2002)
12. Wolff, Christoph:   C.P.E. Bach's Polyhymnia -- An unpublished song collection of the 1770s. [p]IMS_Leuven (Aug 2002)
13. Corneilson, Paul:   C.P.E. Bach's 'Heilig' in various contexts. [p]IMS_Leuven (Aug 2002)
14. Leisinger, Ulrich:   Compositional procedures in C.P.E. Bach's Hamburg passions. [p]IMS_Leuven (Aug 2002)
15. Johnson, Peter; Hong, Ju-Lee:   Expressive intonation in cello performance: Bach's C major Sarabande BWV 1009. [p]IMS_Leuven (Aug 2002)
16. Allen-Russell, Ann van:   A conspiracy of composers: J.C. Bach and C.F. Abel vs. Longman & Lukey. [p]IMS_Leuven (Aug 2002)
17. Wuidar, Laurence:   Genres musical et littéraire en miroir: canons-devises et emblèmes. [p]IMS_Leuven (Aug 2002)

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