Bach Bibliography


First thing for already established scholars

If you have scholarly publications relating to Bach (see the criteria from this link), please check if all your items are found in the following way:

If you have an easy access to a journal

I cannot afford to buy all the journals myself, and nor can my university. So I really appreciate your help. I am looking for committed contributors who can keep their sharp pair of eyes on particular journals as soon as new issues are published. If you think you can, please let me know. I have started adding information about who look after which journals from the Journal page.

Just found about a new title?

When you come to know the new title (anything -- book, article, thesis, paper, book review), please remember this:

Unpublished items (i.e. papers and thesis) 

I regard "unpublished papers" read at the conferences and accepted "theses" (MA and above) from universities equally important to be included in this database. If you find such items, please follow the same procedures described under "Just found about a new title?"

Format of Contribution

When you submit items for addition, please use the format as follows:

In addition, I would welcome some details about the item, especially the pieces being discussed.

When you submit items for corrections (i.e. spelling errors, additional information), please use the form which is linked from the Record Form View screen.

Please post all your contribution by email to Thanks!

Last modified: 24 February 2012