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The items are approximately in the order of BWV.
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Vocal Cantata; Motet; Mass ( B-minor); Magnificat; Passions ( St Matthew / St John / St Luke / St Mark); Oratorio ( Christmas / Easter / Ascension); Chorale
Organ Sonata; Prelude and Fugue; Prelude; Fantasy; Toccata; Fugue; Passacaglia; Pastorale; Trio; Concerto; Small Harmonic Labyrinth; Orgelbüchlein; Schübler Chorales; 17/18 Chorales; Clavierübung 3; Organ Chorales; Canonic Variation
Invention and Sinfonia; 4 Duets from Clavierübung 3; Suites ( English, French); Clavierübung ( 1=Partita, 2=Italian Concerto/French Overture); Well-Tempered Clavier ( 1, 2); Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue; Concerto; Clavierübung 4 (Goldberg Var.)
Instrumental Suites for Lute; Unaccompanied Sonatas/Partitas (for violin, [Chaconne], cello, flute), Sonatas (for: violin, Gamba, flute) Concerto (for: violin, harpsichord); Brandenburg Concertos; Orchestral Suites
Canon; Musical Offering; Art of Fugue; Early Works; Late Works
Note that I can index only those which have clear and specific contents (e.g., highly scholarly items of specific discussion). If the item you are looking for contains the discussion of more than one genre (e.g., cantata and concerto), do not expect that you will find it.
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Aspect of Discussion

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General reference Bibliography; Research; Library info; Editions; Organizations
Historical studies General; Inheritance; Musica Poetica; Musica Practica Philosophy; Aesthetics; Sociology; Politics; Astrology; Acoustics; Tuning; Key characteristics; Registration;
Influence; Revival; Reception ( 18C / 19C / 20C; Foreign land)
Biographical studies Biography; Life; Image; Iconology; Books; Documents; House; Pictures Pocal
Criticism; Bach vs Ernesti; Bach vs Scheibe; Eye operation; Anecdotes; Church; Instrument ( reconstructing); Job; Organ inspection; Publication; Teaching; Students; Copyists; Family; Friends; Chorus; Collegium Musicum; Opera; Orchestra; Trip
Manuscript studies & Compositional process Manuscripts Chronology, dating Origins Compositional Process Revision Cantata Jahrgang Authenticity Reconstruction Transcription Transposition Variation Thorough Bass Parody
Rhetorical approaches Rhetorical approach Emotion Lamentation Text Meaning Metaphor Semantics Figurae Affekt Melody Harmony Rhythm Chromaticism Dissonance
Analysis Analysis Structure Form Cycle Ordering Modulation Cadence Church Modes Tonality 12 tone system Theme, subject Motive Counterpoint Cantus Firmus Voice texture
Symbolism and Religion Symbolism; Mathematics; Number Symbolism; Number Alphabet; Iconography; Religion; Theology; Liturgy; Catholicism; Piety; Mysticism; Hermeneutics; Sacred and Secular; Bible; Psalm; Hymn
Performance & Interpretation Performance Tempo Dynamics Accompaniment Concert Ornaments/ornamentation Trill/triplets Articulation Bowing Fingering Improvisation Pedal Style Phrasing Obbligato Ostinato Inégal Dance rhythm Time-signature Interpretation
Note that I can index the items which have clear and specific orientation in the discussion. If you cannot find (or locate) the keyword in the above list, please let me know.
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