Anglo-Saxon Historical, Cultural, and Linguistic Resources

A Map of Anglo Saxon England 

A Map of the invasion of Celtic Britain in 500 AD- Shows the migration of the Germanic tribes who's language was to form Old English

A Brief Timeline of The Anglo-Saxon Period

A Narrative History of Anglo-Saxon England

The Complete Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Poetry- Here is the complete body of Anglo-Saxon poetry remaining to us, in Old English, in case you are interested in seeing what the original language looks like.

The Online Corpus of Old English Poetry- A list of Anglo-Saxon poetry courtesy of the University of Calgary and the Labyrinth Library at Georgetown University.


A List of Listservs

Old English at the University of Virginia- You will find here readings of parts of our text in Old English, help with grammar, and many other useful pages.

Norton's Online Archive

The Labyrinth-This is Georgetown's excellent metasite of resources for Medieval Studies of all kinds.

An Introduction to Old English Language and Script- A verbal and visual explanation of the Old English language.

Circolwyrde- An Old English computer glossary.

Anglo-Saxon Narrative Poetry Project- Here is something similar to what we are doing with our website, from Rutgers University.

Anglo-Saxon Aloud- A daily reading of the entire Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records, which includes all poems written in Old English.

Contes de Bretagne- A compilation of Breton stories translated and put together by Dr. Oldrieve and students at Baldwin Wallace University.