Metrical Charm 11: A Journey Charm

Ic me on þisse gyrde beluce         and on godes helde bebeode
wið þane sara stice,         wið þane sara slege,
wið þane grymma gryre,        
wið ðane micela egsa         þe bið eghwam lað,

5          and wið eal þæt lað         þe in to land fare.
Sygegealdor ic begale,         sigegyrd ic me wege,
wordsige and worcsige.         Se me dege;
ne me mere ne gemyrre,         ne me maga ne geswence,
ne me næfre minum feore         forht ne gewurþe,

10        ac gehæle me ælmihtig and sunu         and frofre gast,
ealles wuldres         wyrðig dryhten,
swa swa ic gehyrde         heofna scyppende.
Abrame and Isace        
and swilce men,         Moyses and Iacob,

15        and Dauit and Iosep        
and Evan and Annan         and Elizabet,
Saharie and ec Marie,         modur Cristes,
and eac þæ gebroþru,         Petrus and Paulus,
and eac þusend         þinra engla

20        clipige ic me to are         wið eallum feondum.
Hi me ferion and friþion         and mine fore nerion,
eal me gehealdon,         me gewealdon,
worces stirende;         si me wuldres hyht,
hand ofer heafod,         haligra rof,

25        sigerofra sceolu,         soðfæstra engla.
Biddu ealle         bliðu mode
þæt me beo Matheus helm,         Marcus byrne,
leoht, lifes rof,         Lucos min swurd,
scearp and scirecg,         scyld Iohannes,

30        wuldre gewlitegod         wælgar Serafhin.
Forð ic gefare,         frind ic gemete,
eall engla blæd,         eadiges lare.
Bidde ic nu sigeres god         godes miltse,
siðfæt godne,         smylte and lihte

35        windas on waroþum.         Windas gefran,
circinde wæter         simble gehælede
wið eallum feondum.         Freond ic gemete wið,
þæt ic on þæs ælmihtgian frið         wunian mote,
belocun wið þam laþan,         se me lyfes eht,

40        on engla blæd         gestaþelod,
and inna halre hand         heofna rices,
þa hwile þe ic on þis life         wunian mote.

                                                                                    (Irvine and Everhart).




I enclose myself in this circle         and in God’s keeping entrust myself

against the sting of wounds         against the blows of suffering

against the terror of grim-ones

against the great peril         which is hostile to everything,

5          against all that evil         which travels into the land.

A victory-spell I chant;         a victory staff I carry for myself,

victory of words and works.         These be of use to me;

May no lake obstruct me,         no kindred harass me,

nor ever my spirit become cowardly,

10        but save me Almighty, and Son, and Holy Ghost,

worthy Lord, of all glory,

so long as I obey heaven’s creator.

Abraham and Isaac

and such men,         Moses and Jacob

15        and David and Joseph

and Eve and Anna         and Elizabeth,

Sarah and also Mary,          mother of Christ,

and also the brothers,         Peter and Paul,

and also thousands of Your angels

20        I call to favor me         against all foes.

May they carry and protect me         and guard my way,

all hold me,         guide me,

steering all of my works;         be to me hope of glory,

the hand over head,         strong holier ones,

25        triumphal host,         of truth-fast angels.

I pray to all         in light spirit

that Matthew be my helm,         Marcus my chain-shirt,

light, strong of life,         Luke my sword,

sharp and shining-edged,         John my shield,

30        and the Seraphim,         my glorious spear of radiant good light.

                        May I go forth;         May I meet friends,

all angels’ blessings,         and the lore of the blessed-ones.

I now pray the God of Triumph,         for God’s mercy,

a good journey,        serene and light

35        winds from shores.         I have heard of

winds churning water         constantly defending

against all foes.         May I meet with friends,

so that I may dwell         in the peace of the Almighty,

guarded against the evil-one         who pursues my life,

40        made steadfast         in angel’s splendor

and within the holy hand          of Heaven’s Ruler

as long as I in this life may dwell.