About This Site

This page and its contents were published by students at Baldwin-Wallace University in Berea, OH. following a course in Anglo-Saxon translation under Dr. Susan Oldrieve.  Dr. Oldrieve received a grant so that the students might create this site for other undergraduates to use as a resource .  

The hope is that this would provide a palpable resource for many undergraduate students in gaining access to new translations, generally collected research, and information otherwise difficult to find on the web. 

Much of the work and research for this page was completed during the 2001-2002 academic year.  However, this site and its contents were fully developed during the summer of 2003.  We hope you will enjoy and benefit from the work on this site.

All of the translations are the sole property of their translators. 

Dr. Susan Oldrieve, Supervising Faculty Editor

Ashley Hawley, Editor in Chief

Uncovering Old English Texts, 2006.