Susan C. Oldrieve
Professor of English
Baldwin-Wallace College
275 Eastland Road
Berea, Ohio 44017
1981:  Ph.D., University of Virginia
1975:  M.A.,  University of Virginia
1973:  A.B.,   Princeton University, magna cum laude

Dissertation:   Imitatio Morum: Example and Metaphor in Renaissance Characterization
                                Directors:  Robert Kellogg and Arthur Kirsch
        The dissertation examines theories of characterization as reflected in commentaries on Aristotle and Horace and in other discussions of literary theory by French, Italian, and English literary scholars of the 15th and 16th centuries and explores the relationship of those theories to the poetic practice of Sidney, Spenser, and Shakespeare.

    1/2005-12/2006  Director, The Center for Transformational Learning, Baldwin-Wallace College
    2003-2006          Founding Member, Ohio Shakespeare Conference Advisory Board
    2001-present          Associate Editor for Pedagogy, Shakespeare and the Classroom
    1994-1997:            Director, Writing Lab and Composition, Baldwin-Wallace College
    1986-present:      Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor of English at Baldwin-
                                        Wallace College
    1984-1986        Instructor in English (composition), half time, James Madison University
    1981-1983        Adjunct instructor in English (composition), University of New York at
    1978-1981        Grader and substitute instructor (composition), Pasadena City College

Academic Honors:
    2004    Summer Scholars Supervisor for Meredith Birmingham’s project on “Literary and Visual Art in
                        the work of the Brontes”
                Gigax award for summer travel with the US Department of Education grant for internationalizing
                        the curriculum
    2002-2004 Participation in both the Language Across the Curriculum and the European areas of the US
                        Department of Education Title VII grant for internationalizing the curriculum       
    2002:   Gund Foundation Student Research Grant: Uncovering Old English Texts:  
                        Undergraduate Discovery of Anglo-Saxon Culture (Website)
    2001:      Baldwin-Wallace Gigax grant for international travel to Scotland, Wales, and Ireland
    1999:      Baldwin-Wallace College Multimedia Grant for Summer study
    1997:      Promotion from Associate to Full Professor, Baldwin-Wallace College
    1996:      Gund Foundation Student Research Grant (with Jack Winget): Shakespeare's Antony and
                   Participant in the Multicultural Education and Syllabus Revision Workshop with Dr. Carl Grant
                        of Univ. Wisconsin—Madison
    1993:      Granted tenure at Baldwin-Wallace College
                   NEH Summer Seminar in "The Jew and Anti-Semitism in Early English Literature" at
                        The University of New York, Stonybrook, with Professor Stephen Spector
    1992:      Baldwin-Wallace College Bechberger Award for Human Development
                   Gund Foundation Student Research Grant: "Women's Studies"
    1991:      Promotion from Assistant to Associate Professor, Baldwin-Wallace College
    1988:     Baldwin-Wallace College Summer Development Grant for course development
    1976:      Folger Institute Fellowship, Folger Shakespeare Library

Professional Affiliations:  
        Modern Language Association
        The Shakespeare Association of America
        Advisory Board, Ohio Shakespeare Conference

Committee and Advisory Work:
        Honors Council; Student Affairs Advisory Board (chair); Faculty Information Technology: Continuing Education;             Race and Diversity; Publications Board; Advisor, Native American Students' Association: Faculty Governance                 Task Force; Core Review Study Group (chair);  Multicultural Affairs Search Committee and Advisory Council;             Divisional ombudsman; English Department Webmaster; Academic Integrity Task Force; Rhodes Scholar Campus         Representative; Advisor, Future Philanthropists of America (student organization)

Courses Taught:
        ENG 111 College Composition; ENG 131 Workshop in Exposition and Argumentation (regular and summer                 formats); ENG 305 Advanced Workshop in Exposition and Argumentation (regular and evening formats); ENG             127 Introduction to Poetry (regular and immersion formats); ENG 128 Introduction to Drama (regular, evening,             and immersion formats); ENG 129 Celtic Myth and Legend (regular and evening formats); ENG 129 The Legends         of King Arthur (immersion travel format, in London);  HON 100 Enduring Ideas in the Humanities—The Problem         of Violence; LAS 150 Enduring Questions for an Intercultural World; LAS 199 Language and Culture Contexts for         the Enduring Questions (French); ENG 241 Survey of British Literature I; ENG 316 Literature of the Middle Ages;         ENG 328 Chaucer; ENG/THE 463 Acting Shakespeare (with Jack Winget—regular, evening and Honors                     formats); ENG/HIS 263 Carmel Living and Learning Center course Life and Literature in Early Britain (with
        Connie Evans); ENG 336 Arthurian Literature of the Middle Ages; ENG 316 Translating Anglo-Saxon Poetry;             ENG 328 Sidney and Spenser

    “Showalter, Sedgwick, and the Scholarship of Teaching Literature,” forthcoming in the
            spring,    2004 issue of Shakespeare and the Classroom.
     Co-editor with student Daniel Remein and Beth Molmen of the Website Un-covering Old
            English Texts.  2003. Available at
    “The Scholarship of Teaching Literature,” Shakespeare and the Classroom, Fall, 2003.
    "Making Use of Educational Technology in the Shakespeare Course," Shakespeare and
            the Classroom, vol. VIII. No.1 Spring 2000. 19-24
    "Marginalized Voices in The Merchant of Venice," Cardozo Studies in Law and
            Literature vol.5 1993. 87-103
    "Thoughts on Two Conference Sessions at Kalamazoo, 1992," The Sidney Newsletter
            and Journal vol.12 1992. 1-10
    "Occasion," (with David W. Burchmore), in The Spenser Encyclopedia  Toronto, 1990.
            515-516 (under the name of Burchmore)
    "Traditional Exegesis and the Question of Guilt in the Old English Genesis
            B," Traditio, vol.XLI, 1985. 117-124 (under the name of Burchmore)
    "A Note on the Date of `The Canonization'," Notes and Queries, new series v. 24 #3
            June, 1977. 200 (under the name of Burchmore)

Grant Submissions
    “Creating Engaging Experiences Online,” with John Digennaro.  Granted funding to sponsor a
            faculty learning community to develop hybrid courses with an experiential component.

Conference Activities:
    “Traveling Students to Shakespeare:  Best Practices and Grading Assignments,” Ohio
            Shakespeare Conference, Novemeber 2006, Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio.
    “Teaching a 1 credit French supplement to Enduring Questions for an Intercultural World,”  
            Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum Conference, October, 2006, Portland
    Attended the Experiential Learning Institute, July 2006, sponsored by Northeastern University
    Attended the Faculty Learning Communities Institute,  June, 2006, sponsored by the
            Lilly Conferences and the International Alliance for Teacher Scholars
    Attended the Summer Seminar in Literary and Cultural Studies: Things to do with Old Poems:  
            Interpretation and Anglo-Saxon Culture, June, 2006
    Attended the International Congress of Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May, 2006
            “Fusion:  Sidnean Example and Spenserian Metaphor in King Lear.”  Seminar in Shakespeare
            and Spenser with Thomas Herron and Hannibal Hamlin, Shakespeare Association of America, Annual Meeting,             April 2006.
    Attended the AAC&U’s annual meeting, “Liberal Education and America’s Promise,” January,
    Attended the National Society for Experiential Education’s Annual Conference, October 2005.
    Instigated and oversaw the restructuring of the Ohio Shakespeare Conference, 2003-2005
    Organizer and Presider, “360 Degree Assessment:  Assessing what poor test takers know,"  for
            Lean-on-Me group, February, 2004     
    “Un-Covering Old English Texts: Evaluating Heaney's Translation of Beowulf in an Undergraduate
            Old English Course” with student Daniel Remein, 38th International Congress of
            Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 2003.
    "Exchanging Queens in Richard III:  Foreign Exchange and the Tudor Succession."  Seminar in
            Foreign Exchanges on the British Stage with Lawrence Danson, Shakespeare Association of America, April,                 2003
    Presenter, "Pedagogy Workshop—Incorporating Colonial, Imperial, and Post-Colonial Themes
            into Courses on Shakespeare and Early Modern Literature," The Ohio Shakespeare
            Conference, Canton, Ohio. November, 2002
    "Camping, Celts, and Native Americans:  Teaching Diversity in the Study of Pre-Conquest
            Cultures," 37th International Congress of Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 2002.
    "Manichean Allegory, Assimilation, and the Regional Other in Shakespeare's Henriad."  Seminar
            in New British History; New British Shakespeares with Willey Maley and David Baker.  Shakespeare                             Association of America, April, 2002
    Organizer and Presider, "Diversity in the Medieval Classroom:  Glossing the Canon from
            the Outside," 36th and 37th International Congress of Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May, 2001 and             May 2002
    Invited speaker, “Using Blackboard Classroom,” Ameritech Teaching and Learning
            Conference, Ohio Dominican University, November 16, 2001
    Attended the International Indigenous People’s Conference at Ben Gurion University, Israel,
            May, 2001
    Participant in Ed Zlotkowski’s Training in Service Learning, Oberlin College, Spring 2001
    Participant, “Teaching Race in the Renaissance Classroom” workshop, Shakespeare Association
            of America Annual Meeting, April, 2000.
    Participant, “Shakespeare on Film” seminar, University of Chicago, spring, 2000.
    Chair, Ohio Shakespeare Conference:  "Shakespeare in the New Millenium," Cleveland,
            Ohio, 1999
    Participant in “Teaching with Technology” workshop, Shakespeare Association of America,
            Annual Meeting, April, 1998
    "Chaucer’s Interrogation of Literary Metaphor and The Prioress’s Tale," 34th International
            Congress of Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1998
    Attended the OFIC Technology Conference at Cedarville College, June 1998
    Attended The Lilly Conference in November, 1997
    Assisted in organizing and then attended the BW conference on Jamaica and Brazil, April, 1997
    Presenter, "Workshop in Three Parts" (with Craig Heinicke and Janet Joseph), syllabi revision
    workshop for faculty sponsored by the Multicultural Committee, Baldwin  Wallace College, December 10, 1996
    "Anti-Semitic Metaphor and the Meaning of The Merchant of Venice," presented at the
    Ohio Shakespeare Conference, March 1996: "Shakespeare and Multiculturalism"              
    "Shakespeare in the Multicultural Classroom," keynote address presented at the 10th
            annual ONU Secondary School Colloquium: "Shakespeare in the Multicultural Curriculum," November 11,                     1994, Ohio Northern University.
    "Reading Shakespeare's Language," workshop for the 10th ONU Secondary School
    Colloquium: "Shakespeare in the Multicultural Curriculum," November 11, 1994, Ohio Northern University
    "Eriugena's Periphyseon and Genesis B," presented at the Twenty-fourth Annual
            International Congress of Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 1989 (under the name of Burchmore)
    "Sidney's Political Poetics:  Concluding the New Arcadia," presented at the Twenty-third
            Annual International Congress of Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May
            1988 (under the name of Burchmore)
    "Sidney's Comic Theory and the Old Arcadia," presented at the Seventeenth International
            Congress of Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May, 1982 (under the name of Burchmore)