Ic ws be sonde,  swealle neah,
t merefaroe, minum gewunade
frumstaole fst;    fea nig ws
monna cynnes,     t minne r

5 on ande         eard beheolde,
ac mec uhtna gehwam y sio brune
lagufme beleolc. Lyt ic wende
t ic r oe si   fre sceolde
ofer meodubence muleas sprecan,

10 wordum wrixlan. t is wundres dl,
on sefan searolic  am e swylc ne conn,
hu mec seaxes ord ond seo swire hond,
eorles ingeonc   ond ord somod,
ingum geydan,    t ic wi e sceolde

15 for unc anum twam rendsprce
abeodan bealdlice, swa hit beorna ma
uncre wordcwidas     widdor ne mnden.



I was from near by the seas-wall at the ocean-shore, fast in my

first state I stood; few

if any of mankind saw me there

5 in my dwelling-place occupied

in solitude, but every dusk a flood

of enveloping waves covered me.

Previously I barely imagined early or late

that I would ever speak, mouthless,

10 over the mead-bench and exchange words.

So it is a wonder, in the mind of one

who knows not of such things like I,

how a dagger's point and a mighty hand,

a nobleman's ingenuity and spear-point in one,

15 purposely picked me

so to boldly deliver a message with me

as far as us two alone,

so that no other man utters these words belonging to us,

further and wider than we two.