CSC 210: Computer Science I


Programming and Problem Solving with C++ Fifth Edition,
Nell Dale and Chip Weems
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc., 2010.

Course Content:

This course covers most of chapters 1 - 12 of the text: tentative schedule

Course Objectives:


2 in-class tests @ 50 pts each

100 pts

lab assignments, quizzes, misc

50  -  80 pts

6 - 7 programming projects @ 5 - 25 pts each

95 - 120 pts

final exam

100 pts


345 - 400 pts

Some class time will be devoted to small group labs in which, with the exception of the very first lab, students are expected to work collaboratively on various relevant tasks. Grades for these labs will be given to the group, with each member getting the same grade. Both quizzes and labs are in-class activities. Therefore, as a general rule, students must be present to do the activity in order to accrue the associated points.

In addition to the small labs, larger individual programming projects will be assigned. Students are permitted to consult others in the class (and especially the instructor) while working on their programs. This consultation can include possible strategies, logic, clarifications of the details of the assignment, help in debugging, etc. However, it should not include the writing of code. The project that is submitted should, in its entirety, be the student's original work. Copying the code of another is plagiarism. Supplying code to another student is an equally serious offense. The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, like the College as a whole, takes the issue of academic honesty seriously. Any suspected incidence of academic dishonesty will be handled in accordance with the college's Academic Honesty Policy.

Grades in this course will be determined by the total points accumulated throughout the term. Students earning 90/80/70/60 percent of the total are guaranteed of A/B/C/D respectively. However, class performance on in-class tests and/or final may result in a curve below the given percentages. Students may check their current accumulation of total points at any time by logging onto the CSC 210 area of Blackboard.


All exams, assignments, and projects will be announced in class, and will be posted on the CSC 210 area of Blackboard, where they will remain all term.

Regular attendance is expected. In accordance with college policy, any absence on the day of an exam must be appropriately documented by the Office of Disability Services in order for the exam to be made up. In-class labs cannot be made up.

Programming projects are due by midnight on the due date. A late project will be penalized 10% of its possible worth for each class day it is late. Thus, for instance, a program due on Monday, but submitted on the following Wednesday, will be considered one day late. However, once programs are returned, any unsubmitted programs will not be accepted. The instructor will try to remember to give a "last call" warning during the class before a programming assignment is to be returned. However, her forgetting to do so will not change the acceptance policy.

The final in this class will be comprehensive. Finals are scheduled by the College according to class meeting days/times. For this term, the final for this class is scheduled as follows:


Regular Meeting Time

Scheduled Exam Time


9:05 MWF


December 12


Any student with a documented disability (e.g., physical, learning, psychological, vision, hearing, etc.) who feels s/he may need an accommodation based on the impact of that disability should contact the Disability Services at 440-826-5936 in the Ritter Library, Room 207, to establish eligibility and to coordinate reasonable accommodations. Students will not be accommodated unless they provide their instructors with a letter from Disability Services documenting their eligibility and delineating reasonable and appropriate accommodations. The accommodation letter must be updated each semester. Students are encouraged to meet with each professor early in the semester to discuss their disability letter regarding how to implement their accommodations in relation to specific course requirements.

The last day to declare this course S/U is Monday, September 26. The S/U option is not open to Freshmen or any student majoring in Computer Science or Computer Information Systems. The last day to drop this class is Monday, October 31.

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