The Boston Globe:  "…a phenomenal cellist with a vivid stage presence"

The New York  Times:  "…a vital confident player with a sure command of the instrument"

Washington Post:  "Brilliant

The Plain Dealer (Cleveland):  "Mushabac played the part with the explosive personality, sensitivity to nuance, and technical strength she brings to everything she touches."

The Plain Dealer (Cleveland): "Mushabac played the hectic solo part with heroic control and tonal beauty despite the cataclysmic nature of the demands."

News and Observer (Raleigh, N. Carolina): "Mushabac was vibrant and powerful…she played with intensity and impassioned sound"

Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal:  "…exhilarating…breathtaking fluency"

Janos Starker: "Regina Mushabac is a superb cellist and musician, a rare artist…among the most outstanding of her generation."

South Wales Post: "Mushabac was superb…she played with great strength and character."  

La Nacion, San Jose, Costa Rica:  "Full tones, bold, yet sensitive with variety of colors and agile fingers...  Cellist, Regina Mushabac performed the formidable passage with assurance, skill and expertise"