RECITALS: Regina  Mushabac offers recital programs that include works from the standard cello repertoire in addition to a wide variety of less played contemporary pieces and encore selections.  In addition, Mushabac is known for her transcriptions of violin classics.  For example, she often includes a Mozart Violin Sonata that she arranged for cello.  Program lengths and repertoire vary according to the request of the presenter.  Mushabac adjusts a program to accommodate the audience.  For example, some audiences prefer an entire second half of encores that have familiarity and appeal. Other audiences prefer exposure to new music. In most recitals, Mushabac speaks to the audience, giving a brief explanation, description, or anecdote about the work to be performed.


CONCERTOS:   Mushabac plays the complete repertoire of standard cello concertos as well as a large selection of contemporary works including composers Steve Mackey, Karel Husa, David Crumb, Loris Chobanian, Frederick Koch, Roger Reynolds, Rudolph Bubalo, and Donald Freund,


MASTER CLASSES: Mushabac has been professor of cello for 28 years.  Her lengthy history of teaching has given her many years of master class experience.   She is comfortable and successful with all levels and ages from elementary youngsters to sophisticated graduate students.  Classes range from one to three hours and can cover any of the literature.


WORKSHOPS AND SCHOOL PRESENTATIONS: Mushabac offers a spectrum of workshops for school settings from a kindergarten class that has never seen a cello to a full house assembly. With three children of her own, she’s made frequent appearances in the school system.  She is comfortable and enthusiastic working with youngsters and captivates the attention of all.