Macs AND PCs!

How Multiple Computer Platforms Can Peacefully Co-Exist


"Mac & PC: A guide to peaceful co-existence" --- ("The Macintosh and Windows worlds are no longer separated by incompatible standards. Contrary to popular myth, Macs and PCs connect seamlessly to the same networks, share many common applications and exchange data and files 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.") From the Apple UK website; page first posted in March 2002; last accessed 1/17/04.
"Exchanging files between platforms"
"Communicating over the Internet"
"Sharing the same network connection"
"Media & Peripherals"
"Using PC applications on a Mac"

"Should Our Schools (or Anybody Else) Have Macs or PCs?," by John Droz. ("In mid-2000 our local K-12 school district decided to 'standardize on the Windows/PC platform.' Currently they are 90%+ Mac. A group of local citizens felt that this was very unfortunate from several perspectives and started working on reviewing the merits of this decision. I, John Droz, was asked to be their spokesperson and to create this website." In a series of pages, Droz takes issue with many of the contentions commonly made in support of a move to standardize on the Windows OS. Here are the highlights...)
"Introduction" Rev. December 26, 2003
"Why Standardize on Macs in Your School District? (Instead of Windows/PCs)" " Rev. November 7, 2002
"What Apple Should Do Now To Improve Its Education Market Position" " Rev. December 22, 2003
"PCs are Cheaper Than Macs..." Rev. December 22, 2003
"PCs Are The Same As Macs..." Rev. December 22, 2003
"X vs XP" Rev. December 22, 2003
"Students Need A Windows Experience..." Rev. December 22, 2003
"There Are Problems With Existing Macs..." Rev. December 22, 2003
"Miscellaneous Mac Complaints" Rev. January 5, 2004
"Which Computer is More Powerful: Mac or PC?" Rev. December 22, 2003
"MIS Management?" Rev. December 22, 2003
"Microsoft: All You'll Ever Need to Know" Rev. December 22, 2003
"Testers and Switchers" Rev. December 22, 2003
"What They Aren't Saying..." Rev. December 22, 2003
"Why Use Macs in Your Local School: A Very Brief One Page Summary" Rev. December 22, 2002

"I Am Not a Mac Fanatic," by Jeff Adkins, posted 10/9/03. ("I am not a Mac fanatic... I prefer Macs. For many of the tasks I do, they suit me just fine. I must use a PC for some tasks, because there is no Mac alternative. I have no problem with that. Using the right tool for the job is logical and prudent." An impassioned piece; highly recommended.)

"Schools will give kids new Windows on the world," by Howard Troxler, 9/17/03. (A tongue-in-cheek essay, urging that we prepare children for the real world of computing pain, heartache, and despair--how?--by forcing them to use Windows machines!)

"Defending the Mac in Three Minutes or Less: Notes on Working with the School Board," by Jeff Adkins, posted on 3/6/03. (See also Adkins's "75 Mac Advantages" below.)

The Mac Partisan: Macs vs Windows - When Will Windows Users Learn That If You Run With Scissors You're Going To Get Hurt? ... A Resource, last updated 12/26/03. (A remarkably comprehensive collection of web pages related to the Macintosh)
"Keeping & Expanding The Mac In Education --
The Best Information Resources For The Teacher, Student, Education Administrator," last updated on 12/16/03
"The Mac And The Creative Professions --
Why Macintosh Is The Tool Of Choice For Most 'Artists' Who Use A Computer: A Resource," last updated 10/6/03
"Macs Make Good Business --
Why Macintosh Should Be The Tool Of Choice For Many Types Of Businesses: A Resource," last updated 11/27/03
"Macs And The Sciences --
Newton Used An Apple ... Shouldn't You? - A Resource," last updated 11/18/03
"Why Choose A Mac? Why The Dell Not ... - A Resource," last updated 1/15/04

"The secret's out: Mac's cheaper," by David Frith, on the Australian IT web site, June 25, 2002. ("Apple last year hired Gartner to conduct a survey at Melbourne University - which operates a mixed network - to see how the costs of operating the two computing platforms worked out... Gartner, like most market researchers, does a lot of that kind of paid work. Like all of us it needs the money... But, naturally enough, it prefers to keep the results separate from its own independent surveys of technology trends, which must be seen to be strictly impartial..." Bottom line: " The major finding: the uni's Macs were easier and cheaper to own and run than its Windows machines... Not just a bit cheaper - a whopping 36 per cent less costly.")

"Switch" --- from Apple Computer; first posted June 2002; last accessed 1/17/04. Serious and fun stuff from Apple, giving good reasons why PC users would be wise to switch.
"Why Switch to Mac? Top 10 Reasons to Switch"
"Top 10 Questions about Switching"
"Switching to Mac: Watch the Ads"
"Switching to Mac: Real Stories"
"What is the Press Saying? Mac OS X is just beautiful"
"How do I make the switch? Guide to Switching"
"Where can I buy a Mac?"

"APPLTalk Systems Shootouts," by Charles Gaba, last updated on 6/19/03 ("While others touch on Apple's traditional strongholds such as ease-of-use, trouble-free operation, and organic design, I have chosen to tackle the Wintel world in its own traditional territory -- cheap pricing of components," says Gaba. "For 17 years, the Mac has always been considered a superior overall experience, while the Windows PC has had the advantage of having a lower up-front cost. I decided to see how true the 'Macs are more expensive' factor is today.")

Stewart Alsop, "My Old Flame: The Macintosh. I'm rethinking the Mac as a factor in computing. One simple reason: The Macintosh seems to work.", 6/25/01. Five years ago, Stewart Alsop, an influential columnist for, made a huge splash by publicly repudiating the Macintosh. Guess what? He has changed his mind! He is using a Macintosh again and declares: "Unlike Windows, the Macintosh seems to work." Now see Alsop's more recent column, a highly critical review of Windows XP: "XP Means Extra Pain: Microsoft Windows XP promised to usher in an era of computing in which users suffer less. Aspirin, anyone?,", 4/29/02. If you read to the bottom of his scathing review of Windows XP, you'll find a rather more favorable comment about Macintosh OS X.

"Can a Windows guy learn to love the Mac? You bet!," by David Coursey, Executive Editor, ZDNet AnchorDesk, April 18, 2002. ("'Can a Windows-dependent technology columnist live happily as a Mac user? That's the question I am about to spend a month of my life trying to answer.' That's how I started my 'month on Mac' series, which now runs to seven columns. Yes, it's been three months rather than one, but I had my reasons for stretching it out.... I like this little iMac and don't want to give it up. It's a whole lot more fun than my Windows machine, and a great creative tool for whacking out these daily columns.")
"The challenge: If I go Mac, will I ever go back?," January 16, 2002
"How living on a Mac nearly made me change careers," January 25, 2002
"Why I just love the new iMac (and why you might, too)," February 4, 2002
"Mac voyeurs: All talk, no action," February 19, 2002
"Try a Mac? Why it won't hurt as much as you think," February 25, 2002
"How Apple's iMovie made me a Spielberg--in just one hour," March 20, 2002
"Can a Windows guy learn to love the Mac? You bet!," April 18, 2002

This series by Coursey was followed by an interesting commentary by his colleague, David Morgenstern, "Commentary: Can Macs and PCs really get along?," April 23, 2002. (Morgenstern quotes favorably both PC and Mac supporters, but his bottom line is this: "...the Mac can be a suitable replacement for a Windows desktop and live successfully in a PC environment. ...some folks work better on the Macintosh. Isn't it about time for the enterprise to consider accommodating alternate computing platforms?")

"A Special Message to Windows users: Welcome" --- Son of a gun! After years of 'playing nice' with Microsoft, finally a return to aggressive Mac advocacy in Cupertino! A nice, succinct page touting the Mac advantages, with beaucoup links to other relevant pages also produced by Apple Computer. (Page first posted in January 2002; last accessed 1/17/04)

"Buying a Computer? Why most people should buy a Macintosh rather than a Windows PC or Why the Mac is superior to a PC running Windows," compiled by Chris O'Rourke; main page last updated January 2004 (a very rich collection of persuasive rationale for chosing the Macintosh)
"Why this site....?," updated September 2003
"Design," updated July 2002
"Cost (ie. total cost of purchase and maintenance)," updated November 2003
"Ease of Use," updated December 2003
"Installation and Troubleshooting," updated May 2003
"Extending your computer," updated February 2002
"Reliability and Security," updated January 2004
"Laptops and Working Across Platforms," updated May 2003
"What schools should do...," updated August 2003
"Where Windows is better than the Mac," updated January 2004
"Mac - PC PriceWatch 2003," updated October 26, 2003
"Other References," updated January 2004

"MAC - vs - PC Issues," by Kern Trembath, Ph.D., addressed to the St. Monica Technology Committee, last accessed 1/17/04 (a very nice annotated collection of links to sites that judiciously explore the reasons usually given for getting rid of Macs and standardizing on the Windows platform--very rich; highly recommended)
"I. TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP (TCO)," last accessed 1/17/04
"III. MAC AND PC," last accessed 1/1/7/04
"IV. NETWORKING ISSUES," last accessed 1/17/04
"V. WIRELESS NETWORKING ('Airport' and 'Bluetooth')," 3/28/2002
"VI. ENTERPRISE MACS," last accessed 1/17/04
"VII. THE VIABILITY OF APPLE INC.," last accessed 1/17/04

"75 Mac Advantages," Revisited and Updated (Jeff Adkins: "In this series of articles I will be taking a look at Apple's venerable 75 Mac Advantages brochure issued a couple of years ago but mysteriously missing from its web site today.")
"Part 1: Advantages 1-15 Updated," 2/15/01
"Part 1: Feedback on Advantages 1-15," 2/21/01
"Part 2: Advantages 16-32 Updated," 2/22/01
"Part 2: Feedback on Advantages 15, 20, and 22," 3/15//01
"Part 3: Advantages 33-39 Updated," 3/22/01
"Part 4: Advantages 40-50 Updated," 4/12/01
"Part 5: Advantages 51-62 Updated," 5/24/01
"Part 6: Advantages 63-75 Updated," 7/5/01
"Origin of the 75 Mac Advantages," 4/19/01
"75 Mac Advantages Revisited," no date
("According to my analysis I estimate that despite the enormous effort that has gone into improving Windows, 56 of the original 75 Macintosh Advantages still remain (not counting one Advantage awarded two credits); 18 Advantages are either neutralized due to improvements in Windows or abandonment from Apple, and one Advantage is still being researched. The totals may change again if I am persuaded by my well-informed readers that I have some flaw in my reasoning.")

MacInSchool--resources on the Macintosh in education; from Low End Mac website; last accessed 1/17/04
Macintosh in Higher Education--last access 1/17/04
The MacInSchool Email List, advocating Macs in our schools--last accessed 1/17/04

"Apple Death Knell Counter--Apple Has Been Declared Dead 37 Times Since April, 1995," by Bryan Chaffin; originally posted 10/29/2002; last updated 12/8/03--- ("The Apple Death Knell Counter [ADKC] is a collection of death pronouncements for Apple throughout the years. Issued by journalists, analysts, pundits, business executives, and the like, there have been innumerable "Apple is dead," "Apple will soon be dead," and "Apple is dead if they don't do this or that" statements issued by all sorts of people who have been proven time and again to be wrong.")
""--- ("MacMentor is a Macintosh Users Group to devoted to helping Switchers to Apple and Mac OSX."; last accessed on 1/17/04)
View from the Classroom: Why I Prefer Macs in the Classroom, by Steve Wood, 8/1/01 (Poignant account of a hard working special ed teacher struggling to be heard about the tools he needs to do his job.)
Gates, Bill, on the merits of the Mac OS (Quicktime clip from Mr. Bill himself.)
Mac vs. PC in the Science Lab: Appendix 1: Your Standard Mac vs. PC Flame War; last accessed 11/27/03--- (Many of the classic Mac vs. PC arguments, very briefly summarized.)
Macintosh, The Wonderful World of (my own collection of various and sundry Macintosh links)
MacWindows: The Web Site for Macintosh-Windows Integration Solutions (The subtitle says it all: a site dedicating to collecting and sharing Mac/PC solutions.)
Using Your Mac in a Windows World: Cross-Platform Tips, Tricks and Solutions (by José D. Morales), February 2001. (Informative essay on Mac/PC issues, chock full of graphical illustrations.)
"You Can Take My Mac... When You Pry My Cold Dead Fingers Off the Mouse!" (A classic Mac graphic!)


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