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Robert M. Fowler
Professor of Religion and Chairperson
Department of Religion
Baldwin-Wallace College
275 Eastland Road
Berea, Ohio  44017-2088

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   Ph.D.  1978, Divinity School, The University of Chicago (Bible)
   M.A.   1974, The University of Kansas (Biblical Studies)
   B.A.   1972, The University of Kansas (Mathematics and Computer Science)

PH.D. DISSERTATION "The Feeding Stories in the Gospel of Mark"

MASTER'S THESIS "The Problem of the Ending of Mark's Gospel"

EMPLOYMENT September 1993 to date: Professor of Religion, Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, Ohio. September 1985-August 1993: Associate Professor of Religion, Baldwin-Wallace College (Granted tenure on April 25, 1987.) September 1980-August 1985: Assistant Professor of Religion, Baldwin-Wallace College. September 1978-August 1980: Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Yankton College, Yankton, South Dakota.

COURSES TAUGHT (selected) (roughly in order of frequency:) Jesus and the Gospels The History of the Bible Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth Christianity in the New Testament Introduction to Religion Islam Honors course: Technologies of the Word Seminar: The Historical Jesus Seminar: The Gospel of Mark Seminar: The Book of Revelation Seminar: Feminist and Marxist Interpretation of the Bible Seminar: Reader-Response Criticism and the Gospel of Mark Seminar: Sociological and Anthropological Approaches to New Testament Study

PUBLICATIONS (See separate Publications page)

RECENT PAPERS, PUBLIC LECTURES, AND SEMINAR PRESENTATIONS (selected) I was invited to serve as a rapporteur for an International Conference on Translating with Computer-Assisted Technology, hosted by the University of Rome ("La Sapienza"), with the support of the American Bible Society Interactive, the Society of Biblical Literature, the Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship, Logos, Inc., the European Society of Translation Studies, and the Louvain Research Center for Translation, Communication, and Culture, April 14-16, 2004. Invited to be a panelist, and assisted Robert Hodgson in the planning for the "Consultation on the Bible for Tomorrow's Publics: Conversations about the Bible in the 21st Century," a consultation to be held at the American Bible Society's headquarters, 1865 Broadway, New York, NY, on Saturday, February 6, 1999. The consultation will be sponsored by the Public Religion Project of the University of Chicago Divinity School (headed by Martin Marty) and the Research Center for Scripture and Media Society (headed by Robert Hodgson), a program of the Translations Department at the American Bible Society. "Hype and Hypertext," presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern Great Lakes Biblical Society, Columbus, OH, April 11, 1996. "Using Computers to Teach the Gospels," presented to the Literary Aspects of the Gospels and Acts Group, SBL Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, November 18, 1995. A presentation on the collective authorship of The Postmodern Bible, in a meeting of the Faculty Scholarship Support Group, Baldwin-Wallace College, May 24, 1995. "Religion in Cyberspace," presented to the annual meeting of the Ohio Academy of Religion, Berea, Ohio, March 4, 1995. As a member of "The Bible and Culture Collective," I was a participant in panel discussion of collective authorship in the Ideological Criticism Group, SBL Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, November 20, 1994. "How the Secondary Orality of the Electronic Age Can Awaken Us to the Primary Orality of Antiquity; or What Hypertext Can Teach Us About the Bible; with Reflections on the Ethical and Political Issues of the Electronic Frontier," presented to the Semiotics and Exegesis Section, SBL Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, November 19, 1994. "What Hypertext Can Teach Us About the Bible," presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern Great Lakes Biblical Society, Clinton, OH, April 15, 1994. "The Fate of the Notion of Canon in the Electronic Age," presented at the Spring 1994 meeting of the Westar Institute, in Santa Rosa, CA, March 5, 1994. "Networking Religious Studies," presented at the 1993 MacBeth Conference on Computing in the Liberal Arts, at Bethany College, Bethany, WV, April 17, 1993.

HONORS (selected) Faculty Excellence Award, from the Baldwin-Wallace College chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda, national honorary society for students in continuing education, April 24, 1999. Elected to membership in the Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas, July 1992. My dissertation was awarded the Susan Colver Rosenberger Prize by the University of Chicago, 1980. Ph.D. awarded with "Distinction," 1978. M.A. awarded with "Honors," 1974.

GRANTS AND FELLOWSHIPS (selected) Gund Grant and Summer Grant from Baldwin-Wallace College, Summer 1996. The Summer Grant supported my research on "Reconsidering Biblical Manuscripts as Hypertexts: Rewriting the Media History of the Bible in the Electronic Age." The Gund Grant provided funds for a student research assistant in hypertext and World Wide Web development. National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute on "The Written Text and Human Dialogue," at Genesee Community College, Batavia, NY, June 19-July 14, 1995 (stipend, plus room, board, and travel). Gigax Travel Grant from Baldwin-Wallace College, to support travel to the annual meeting of the Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas, in Edinburgh, Scotland, August 1-5, 1994. Gund and Gigax Grants from Baldwin-Wallace College, for the 1993-94 year. Both grants were in support of a faculty development project in hypertext, using the Apple Macintosh computer and HyperCard software. The Gund Grant provided funds for a student research assistant, and the Gigax Grant provided significant released time from teaching through the 1993-94 academic year. American Academy of Religion Collaborative Research Grant, shared with George Aichele, Fred Burnett, Elizabeth Castelli, David Jobling, Stephen Moore, Gary Phillips, Tina Pippin, Regina Schwartz and Wilhelm Wuellner, to support the production of a volume entitled The Postmodern Bible (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1995); awarded September 19, 1990. (On September 19, 1991 this grant was renewed with the addition of another stipend.)

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas (1992 to date) --Co-organizer and Co-chairperson of the Seminar on "The New Testament in History and Culture," Fall 2003 to date. Westar Institute (1988 to date) American Association of University Professors (1986 to date). The Catholic Biblical Association (1981 to date). The American Academy of Religion (1979 to date). The Society of Biblical Literature (1973 to date) --Co-chairperson of the Bible in Ancient and Modern Media Group, November 1996 to date; member of its steering committee, December 1994 to date. --Co-organizer of the Literary Aspects of the Gospels and Acts Group and member of its steering committee from 1982 to 1991.

ACTIVITIES (selected) ON CAMPUS Task Force on Academic Integrity (September 2003 to August 2004). Task Force on Lifelong Learning (September 2003 to May 2004). Honors Committee (April 2003 to date). Personnel Council (April 2003 to May 2004; January 1989 to February 1997). Department Chairperson (July 1990 to date; July 1984 through June 1987). Faculty Information Technology Committee (Chairperson: March 1996 to June 1998; Secretary: September 1989 to March 1996; Member: April 1989 to June 1998). OFF CAMPUS Contracted consultant and member of the Advisory Committee, Visual Bible International, Inc.; (June 2003 to date). (See also Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Religion and Popular Culture; (December 2001 to date). Member of the editorial board of Transformation: A Journal for Scripture and Media;; (Fall 2000 to 2003). Member of the editorial board of the Journal for the Study of the New Testament, Supplement Series, Sheffield Academic Press (May 1992 to date). Contracted consultant to the American Bible Society New Media Project; (January 1996 to December 1999). Member of the editorial board of the Proceedings of the Eastern Great Lakes and Midwest Biblical Societies (April 1992 to April 1994).


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